Frequently Asked Questions for SurveyMonkey


What is the new TRU Survey Tool product?

TRU’s new Survey Tool is provided by SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey provides a cloud based survey tool platform that offers a wide range of features.

Who can use the TRU Survey Tool?

The TRU Survey Tool is available to faculty, staff and students at TRU.

    • Staff and Faculty can email IPE at to request an account
    • Students’ accounts are issued for course work only. Please have your faculty member contact us on your behalf, and provide your name and email
    • Any SurveyMonkey accounts that are NOT created by IPE under our TRU enterprise account may not be complaint with privacy and data security requirements.

How do I access the TRU Survey Tool?

The Survey Tool can be accessed at

Can I use the SurveyMonkey Mobile App for data collection?

Yes, all the data collected through your TRU enterprise account on the Mobile App follows the same restrictions and protocols as the website. Your responses and data will still be stored on SurveyMonkey’s Canadian server.

What is the difference between a SurveyMonkey account and a TRU SurveyMonkey account?

A regular SurveyMonkey account may not be complaint with privacy and data security requirements.

Training and Support

Who can I contact if they have questions on how to use the tool?

There are comprehensive support resources in the SurveyMonkey Support Centre or you can email SurveyMonkey Support for addition help (

If you require more technical assistance, you may contact IPE at

How can I get trained on SurveyMonkey?

There are some courses available through TRU’s Lynda account for employees:

There are some training resources available on the SurveyMonkey website:

Sharing and Collaborating

How can you collaborate with other users using TRU’s Survey Tool?

SurveyMonkey has an option to share your survey with other members of the TRU team. There are several options for how much they can access or change. If you wish to share your survey with someone outside of the TRU team, they can be added my email but they won’t have the same access as a TRU team member.

Can a user transfer ownership of their survey project to another user?

Yes, you can transfer a survey to someone else with a SurveyMonkey account. You will need to have their account username in order to transfer the survey.   

Privacy and Security

Where are the TRU Survey Tool servers hosted?

The servers for TRU’s Survey Tool account are hosted in Canada. You can see the location that the data is stored in by going to your My Account page and looking at Account Details.

Are the data and accounts secure?

The enterprise version of SurveyMonkey that TRU has acquired is fully compliant with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Who owns the Survey Data in the TRU Survey Tool?

If you are a member of the TRU enterprise team then the survey data and accounts are owned by TRU. SurveyMonkey does not claim ownership of the survey questions any TRU account member creates or responses it collects through its user accounts.  

Does the Support Centre have access to my data?

Yes, sometimes the SurveyMonkey support team needs to look into your account when you ask for help. Their global customer support team can assist you but if you are not comfortable with accepting customer service from outside of Canada, you can turn the function off in your account under General Preferences. 

Can I choose to make my survey completely anonymous and protect my recipients’ privacy?

Yes, there are options in each of the collector types to turn on “Anonymous Responses”. This option must be turned on before sending out your survey. If you are using multiple collectors you will need to turn on “Anonymous Responses” in each collector.

For respondents’ data sets, what information is collected for non-anonymous survey distribution?

Personal information can be collected by configuring the survey collector option to automatically collect certain information. Also all collectors have the ability to track IP addresses.

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