COIL Collaborative Online Intercultural Learning

In March, a group of 18 TRU faculty spent 2 days participating in professional development with Greg Tuke, Fulbright Fellow and Professor at University Washington – Bothell. Typically, COIL projects involve the co-development of a course module by two or more instructors from different countries or regions, each of whom recognize that a valuable kind of learning occurs when students from different areas work together on a common area of focus. These projects are often interdisciplinary – so could involve business students in Canada working with nursing students in the Philippines.

The nature of the collaboration can take many forms. COIL courses often embrace the use of digital technology to bridge the distance that separates countries and partners. Forms of interaction include online discussion groups, videoconferences, class to class meetings, and online workgroup projects. Projects can vary in length and format, from semester length projects to projects lasting only a few weeks, and from synchronous to asynchronous.

For more information about COIL, contact Kyra Garson or Catharine Dishke

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