Dr. Vanessa Andreotti

Dr. Vanessa Andreotti resized

Canada Research Chair in Race, Inequalities and Global Change
Professor, University of British Columbia

My research examines historical and systemic patterns of reproduction of inequalities and how these limit or enable possibilities for collective existence and global change. My publications in this field include analyses of political economies of knowledge production, discussions of the ethics of international development, and critical comparisons of ideals of globalism and internationalization in education and in global activism, with an emphasis on representations of and relationships with marginalized communities. My work in teacher education conceptualizes education as an expansion of frames of reference and of fields of signification with a view to expanding possibilities for ethical solidarities. My academic work is committed to protecting the public role of the university as critic and conscience of society and as a space of independent, multi-voiced, critically informed and socially accountable debates about alternative futures.

For more information, visit: http://edst.educ.ubc.ca/facultystaff/vanessa-andreotti/