Buying Textbooks

Purchasing tips

Please refer to the Bookstore website for the most up to date information

Once you register for your classes, you will need this to find the correct textbook for your class:

  • professor’s name
  • section number

Most textbooks are available for purchase by the middle of August.

  • Both new and used textbooks can be returned for a full refund up to two weeks after classes commence.
  • To return a textbook, you will need the original receipt and the unmarked textbook. Books may also be purchased through the TRU Bookstore website.
  • If you have specific concerns or needs please let our staff know and we will do our best to assist you, or call the TRU Bookstore at 250-828-5141

If you are being sponsored for textbooks

The sponsor will send the sponsorship letter in advance to the the TRU Bookstore. The Bookstore cashier will then have the sponsorship letter set up in the register system outlining exactly what the student is entitled to purchase including the dollar amount the student is being sponsored for.

Upon checkout, the sponsored student is required to supply their name and student number. The friendly staff at the Bookstore can do the rest!

If books cost more than sponsorship budget

It is the student's responsibility to contact their sponsor if books end up costing more than the sponsor has allocated for. Some sponsors will allow students to purchase books first and be sure to ask them first. If the sponsor will not cover the extra cost, it is up to the student to cover the price difference.

Sponsorship tips

It is a good idea to contact your sponsor before coming to the Bookstore. The bookstore can only process transactions after the sponsorship letter has been received.

It can also be helpful if you know how much you are being sponsored for when purchasing textbooks so there are no surprises when it comes to checkout.

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