How Our Programs Work

Programs and courses

A program is a set of courses that leads to a bachelor's degree, a diploma, a certificate or a trade foundation.

Undergraduate programs

This is the first program you take out of high school. Some students go for a four-year bachelor's degree. Others go for a diploma or certificate.

Bachelor's degree

A four-year program leading to a degree in arts, science, business, or one of a number of other areas.

Certificate or diploma

A one- or two-year program that leads to a specialized career.

Trades programs

You start off with a foundation certificate, then come back for more upgrading when you have an apprenticeship.

Graduate programs

After your bachelor's degree, you can pursue a master's degree, and after that a PhD.

More about bachelor's degrees


Your primary focus of study. Each major has a set of requirements you must fulfil.

Double major

Some programs have two primary focuses. You must satisfy requirements of both.


An optional secondary focus of study that differs from your major.

Honours program

Students with good marks can apply to take a specialized course, sometimes involving a thesis. This may be required if you want to pursue a master's degree.

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