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Animal Health Technology
Animal Health Technology

Learn about everything from hugs to bugs and spays to X-rays.

Applied Sustainable Ranching
Why Regenerative Agriculture?

“Have you not heard about the amazing potential of regenerative agriculture to naturally sequester C02 in the soil?  One of the best-kept secrets today is that one of the solutions to global warming and the climate crisis (as well as poverty and public health) lies right under our feet and at the end of our knives and forks.”  Ronnie Cummins, Int Director of Regeneration International

Join us, to learn how to tag a cow, and explore close up the thousands of living organisms which make up a healthy soil and learn the connections between the two.

Architectural & Engineering Technology
Mastering the Bathrroom - Plans to Pipes

In the world of Building Design, Bathrooms play an important part. Whether it is a powder room or an in-home spa experience, everyone needs plumbing! This session will introduce you to the workings of plumbing design with hands on experience from plans to pipes.

Can Invertebrate Animals See Light and Colour?

We will work with a variety of cool invertebrate animals such as crabs, snails, sun-stars and flatworms to investigate this question in the lab.

C.I.A.: Chemicals in Action

A nefarious deed leads to some chemical sleuthing to discover 'whodunit'.

Computing Science
Computing Science: Machine Learning and the Data Revolution

Data science methods fusing techniques from artificial intelligence and statistics are providing a means of exploring and utilizing the growing amounts of data being collected every day. We will look at some surprising examples, examine the basics of machine learning and neural networks, and discuss practical and ethical considerations for working in this field.

New Media
Photoshop for Digital Photography

Students will have an opportunity to work with digital photographs in Adobe Photoshop CS5. We will cover how to do minor corrections to photographs as well as a few very handy tips for creating knockout effects.


Engineering a Programmable Tester

You will build a battery tester with an Arduino starter kit. It will measure the battery’s voltage and express it’s condition visually with colored LED’s

Using Language to Get What You Want, Every time!

Language is one of the most powerful tools you possess.  You use it to express who you are, show off what you know, and perhaps most importantly, convince others to do what you want!  If you’re headed for law school or the theatre stage, you already know the persuasive quality of language. But it’s important for all university subjects: business, science, nursing, the creative arts, and medicine.  And it’s really important on social media! Who doesn’t want more “likes” and “retweets”? In this session, you’ll learn how to use language, particularly written language, in even more powerful and clever ways than you already do!

Are You Feeing Creative?

Are your Spidey-Senses Tingling? Do you have untapped creative genius?  Is procrastination your kryptonite?  Come learn some easy tips to unleash your creative writing potential. The labyrinth is a mindfulness tool to help you de-stress, concentrate, and explore your creative talent.  Add the labyrinth to your tool belt, and be a fearless Creative Avenger.  Shazam!

CSI Geology

Forensic geologists use their knowledge of earth materials to help solve crimes. Whether proving the culprits of groundwater pollution, substantiating art forgeries, or providing evidence to solve murders, geologists give evidence and serve as expert witnesses. Forensic geologists often use sediment or sand to help solve murders. Sand sticks to bodies, perpetrator’s clothing, shoes, automobiles, etc. Criminals might not be aware that a little bit of sand can link them to a particular location, placing them at the scene of the crime. In this exercise you take the role of the forensic scientist examining traces of sediment using a variety of geo-technologies to determine, “whodunit.”

The War Against the Pirates

For centuries, pirates were recognized as important weapons in developing the British Empire. By 1700, however, they had outlived their usefulness. We'll be looking at the development of piracy in the Caribbean, its Golden Age, and its demise. We'll also look into the lives of the pirates themselves. (Hint: they weren't exactly like Jack Sparrow!)

Journalism and
New Media
Let's Play 5 Card Flickr — The Power of Stories

In Journalism and New Media, we look at skills and strategies for organizing information into the stories society needs to make sense. We learn about different technologies and how they can help- or hinder — our ability to tell these stories. Google, Pinterest, Flickr. In a few clicks, we can gather together information about anything we can imagine. But sometimes this can be overwhelming — sometimes, we feel like we’re drowning in information! The heroes of tomorrow will be those who can make sense of all this information and organize it into logical and easy to understand stories. In medicine, forestry, science, technology, law, business, education — in any field you can imagine — we need to be able to organize information and share our ideas with other people. Let’s practice today by playing 5 Card Flickr — a digital storytelling game!

From Red Hoods to Fur Coats: Little Red Riding Hood Through the Ages

It is a common misconception that fairy tales are produced by a single author at a particular moment in history and remain static over time. In fact, by their very nature, fairy tales are dynamic narratives that invite imitation and revision by successive generations. "Little Red Riding Hood," for example, has been adapted into a naughty poem for children, a pop song for young adults, a horror story for adults, movie adaptations for all age groups, advertisements for beauty products, and early folktales featuring a young girl who eats the flesh and drinks the blood of her grandmother. We invite you to come see just a few examples of how artists have worked and re-worked this familiar fairy tale through the ages.

Knot Theory

If you have ever tried to untangle your earbuds or tie your shoes, then you are familiar with the theory of knots! In this session, we start with our familiar understanding of knots and experience how quickly the theory of knots leads to unsolved problems in geometry.

Our Microbial World
Microbes rule the world. They are the most abundant organisms on the planet and the human body contains more microbial cells than human cells. Learn which microbes are the good, the bad, and the ugly and see the state-of-the art technology being used to explore our microbial world
Natural Resource Science
Fun with Fruits

Trees all over the world have been influenced genetically by humans; we have planted them, cross-pollinated them, grafted them, and manipulated them in ways we never realized….especially the apple tree!  Come and join Natural Resource Sciences for our “Fun with Fruits” activity, featuring the manipulation of the apple tree by humans to meet our tastes and desires. We will taste apples to determine which varieties of apples are the oldest, newest,most desirable and sweetest. Bring your taste buds and your powers of intuition for a fun time!

Philosophy of Sex and Love

Are love and sex really bound together? Lots of creatures have sex, but only humans have that thing called love and make such a big deal about it. Why do we do this and what does it mean? We will debate the merits of sex with, and without, love.

Secrets of Attraction

Shedding light on action-at-a-distance forces: the world of magnetism.

Life Is But a Dream: Introduction to Psychology

What do ghost voices, Lady Gaga, and optical illusions all have in common? Drop by to find out!

Respiratory Therapy
Breathing Life into Health Science

Respiratory therapists are important members of the healthcare team. They diagnose and treat many different breathing problems. Come see some really cool things that respiratory therapists do to help people breathe. If you can't breathe, nothing else matters!

Theatre Workshop

Where will you find regular live performance on campus?  At the Actors Workshop Theatre, of course!

Join our dramatic team of faculty for a quick orientation of our state-of-the-art performance space and brief workshop on acting techniques

Visual Arts, 2D
Visual Arts 2D (Photograms)

Analog Photographs! Visit the Visual Arts Department and make your own original photograms in the wet darkroom!

Visual Arts, 3-D Foundations
Sculpt This!

An introduction to Sculpture and 3-D, with a fast, fun workshop utilizing team work, found objects, principles of construction and other strategies. Before the workshop, there will be a very short slide presentation of cutting edge contemporary studies.