TRUly United

TRUly United

Thank you to all those who rallied together last year to donate to the TRUly United Campaign. We are reaching out to TRU staff once again to support students and deserving members of our wider community through TRUly United 2019, which runs Oct. 25 to Nov. 15. Help us reach our goal of 50% employee participation and $200,000!


Giving made easy

We've made it easy for you to give by automatically deducting your donation from your pay. Simply complete the Pledge Form, either online or in print, and join the 600 employees currently contributing to the TRU Foundation and United Way through payroll deduction and payroll lottery. It’s easy and tax deductible.

Sign up today to donate $5 or more per pay period or make a one-time contribution.


Men's & Women's Volleyball Home Opener

TRUly United 2019 kicks off with the WolfPack opening game on Friday October 25!
Part of the proceeds from the gate and 50/50 will be donated to the TRUly United Campaign.

Women's Volleyball Team Info and Schedule
Men’s Volleyball Team Info and Schedule

Why give?

The need is there and it is great. Whether they are students struggling to choose between books or food, or families choosing shoes over healthy meals, people in Kamloops and the surrounding regions need our help. Giving to the TRUly United Campaign provides some of the financial support they desperately need.

At TRU, we strive to make post-secondary education accessible to anyone regardless of background or financial means. Specifically, money you donate to the TRUly United campaign will go towards TRU Student scholarships, awards and bursaries. While 1,600 students have received Foundation financial awards, there is not enough funding to meet the needs of the hundreds of students who are eligible and in need. Our vision is that every student who needs financing, gets it. Your donations will help us actualize this vision!

Some children go to school hungry, the Starfish Pack program fights this hunger. The Kamloops United Way supports the Starfish Pack program which currently fills 122 packs with food for nine Kamloops schools. You can help fill more packs and feed more children with your payroll contributions!

The Kamloops United Way is also supporting the Youth Futures Education Fund, which supports youth who are aging out of the foster care system. These young adults have no parents or extended family on whom they can rely for help with post-secondary education, housing, living expenses, emotional support or advice. Few ever go on to attend post-secondary education. The Youth Futures Education Fund aims to change that by providing financial support towards tuition for former youth in foster care. Your donations will help put one of these disadvantaged youth in a seat right here at TRU.

Our vision is to provide opportunities for a better life for everyone.

Giving made fun

Give and win. Watch for prize opportunities throughout the campaign. If you increase your donation or sign up as a new donor, you will be entered into a draw to win a semester of free parking or a paid day off.

Get involved

TRU community members are invited to serve on the TRUly United Committee — a cross-functional committee that coordinates TRU's efforts to raise funds for the United Way campaign and for the Foundation in support of student scholarships and bursaries. For more information on the impact you can make by joining this committee, contact Diana Major, Director of Development - Annual Giving.

On behalf of our students and our community, thank you for your generosity. Together we can change lives and make a difference in our community.

Dennis Acreman
Co-Chair, TRUly United Campaign
Associate Dean, Faculty of Science

Amanda Ellison
Co-Chair, TRUly United Campaign
Associate Director, Human Resources

Stronger together

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