Payroll Lottery

Next draw: February 9, 2022 at 11:55am via Microsoft Teams. If you wish to be a part of the draw, contact us at

Payroll lottery is a 50/50 draw winning amount based on the number of participants each pay period. 

50 percent of the lottery pool goes to a lucky employee whose name is drawn each payday and 50 percent of goes to the students of TRU (through the TRU Foundation).  The sky is the limit; with prizes reaching over $1000 — you will want to sign up soon! The more participants, the larger the prize!


Payroll Deduction Online Form

$5 per entry per pay period — automatically deducted by payroll. To increase your chances, you may purchase a second entry for an additional $5 per pay.  Remember each entry is $5; each additional entry increases your chances of winning!  Payroll provides names of participants. The TRU Foundation uses to draw a number.

Look for the winner to be announced on payday Thursday. The winnings will be issued via cheque or direct deposit by the next lottery draw.

Just ask our previous winners how exciting and rewarding it is to play the payroll lottery. Congratulations to all our winners and participants for assisting students with education costs!

Winners below are those who have won during the 2021/2022 Pay Year.

 IF you play - this could be YOU!Department 

Nena Jocic-Andrejevic   

Advancement 955.00

Joanne Atherton

IT Services    960.00
Lisa Lake   


Jennifer Pallett    Ancillary Services 952.50
Joe Dobson    English as a Second Language    962.50
Alana McMaster       Research & Graduate Studies 930.00
Carrie Wilkinson       Ancillary Services    932.50
Sonia Walczak    Animal Health Technology 937.50
Tracy Barth    Enrolment Services    930.00
Rod Yokoyama       IT Services 930.00
Stephanie Tate    TRU World 925.00
Julie Taylor          Student Development   930.00
Elisabeth Janus Enrollment Services 935.00
Jennifer Spitman Library 935.00
Katherine Watmough Library 927.50
Lisa Smillie Student Awards 932.50
Rachelle Cornwell Open Learning 952.50
Trina Sampson Student Services 962.50
Daniel Stultz Registrar 952.50
Gina Parker Ancillary Services 965.00
Hugh Burley IT Services 965.00
Gerald Fink Open Learning 960.00
Tanya Miniely Marketing 1,015.00
Joey McGarry Marketing 1,035.00 
Sonia Walczak Animal Health Technology 1,035.00 
Jane Ouellette International Admissions 1,035.00 
Cindy Ozouf Open Learning 1,025.00 
Danelle Johnston Registrar 1,027.50 
Lisa Lake SOBE 1,017.50
Jacquline Sorensen Sciences 1,035.00 
Rosalyn Alexander Open Learning 1,042.50 
Eric Villeneuve University and Enrollment Prep 1,007.50 
Chris Visser Advancement 1,002.50 
Cynthia Bosdet Registrar 1,047.00 
Reta Langlands Williams Lake 1,032.50
Christina Mohr Sciences 1,037.50 
Sherryl Eagle Student Awards 1,050.00
Sherryl Eagle Student Awards 1,030.00 
Lori De Frias TRU World 1,032.50 
Rosalyn Alexander Open Learning 1,027.50
Michael Henry    SOBE 1,049.00
Janet Roberts    Advancement 1,052.50 
Rod McCormick Aboriginal Education 1,062.50
Daniel Stultz Registrar 1,067.50
Lachlan Todd    Future Students 1,062.50 
Iain Pardoe  Open Learning 1,070.00
Carolyn Teare    Open Learning 1,095.00 
Lindsay Jones Advancement 1,090.00 
Diana Major Advancement 1,155.00
Iain Pardoe  Open Learning 1,157.50 
Nan Stevens School of Education 1,152.50
Anne-Marie Tessier    School of Education 1,147.50 
Randy Hofman Open Learning 1,135.00
Izabela Mazur University and Enrollment Prep 1,127.50
Nadine Feather Student Awards 1,112.50 

Thank you for your time and thank you for supporting the Foundation in its efforts to support TRU students!  For more information please feel free to contact us at: Thompson Rivers University Foundation, 805 TRU Way, Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8  250-828-5264

Thank you to the British Columbia Provincial Government – BC Gaming

BC Gaming Event Licence

Actual Odds depend on number of tickets sold.                  BC Gaming Event Licence #128236
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111
Know your limit, play within it. 19+
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