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Payroll Lottery

Next draw: February 8, 2023 at 11:55 a.m. via Microsoft Teams

Contact us at to take part.

This is a 50/50 draw for TRU employees, with half the pool going to the lucky winner and the other half going to TRU students via the TRU Foundation. Depending on how many people take part, the prize is over $1,000.

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How it works

  • You pay $5 to enter every pay period through an automatic payroll deduction.
  • To increase your chances, you can opt to pay more in $5 increments.
  • The payroll department gives the names of participants to the TRU Foundation, which uses to draw a number.
  • The winner is announced on payday Thursday.
  • Winnings are issued by cheque or direct deposit by the next lottery draw.

Contact us for more information at 250-828-5264.

Who won?

Just ask our previous winners how exciting and rewarding it is to play the payroll lottery. Congratulations to all our winners and participants for assisting students with education costs.

Winners from the 2022-2023 pay year
IF you play, this could be YOU! Department Amount
Erin Jensen TRU World $1110.00
Kristin Webb Open Learning $1117.50
Ken Monroe Open Learning $1115.00
Kristen Johnson Open Learning $1110.00
Zahid Sheikh TRU World $1105.00
Lolina Koopmans Education $1002.50
Scott Jameson   Open Learning $1010.00
Teri Froescul Finance    $1017.50
Cindy Ozouf Open Learning $1012.50
Paul Martin Open Learning $985.00
Lola Osinowo Registrar $985.00
Julia Wells University Library $987.50
Sarah Sandholm Advancement $982.50
Carol Ryujin-Kawa TRU World    $972.50
Rachelle Cornwell Open Learning $980.00
Heather Sabyan Enrolment Services $967.50
Sheri Ressler Nursing $965.00
Teresa Dickmeyer CELT $975.00
Lyn Ferec    Admissions $980.00
Riley Clow    Print Services $950.00
Tod Denham    Open Learning $945.00
Amanda Johnson    MarCom $955.00
Lindsay Jones    Advancement $957.50
Katherine Watmough University Library $965.00
Alice Leong Student Awards $970.00
Melissa Jakubec Open Learning $965.00
Nena Jocic-Andrejevic Advancement $955.00
Joanne Atherton IT Services $960.00

BC Gaming Event Licence

Actual odds depend on the number of tickets sold.

Problem Gambling Help Line: 1-888-795-6111

Know your limit, play within it — 19+

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