Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Needed: Bursaries for Former Youth in Care

The Details

Aboriginal Education

Investment: $750,000 endowed generating $30,000 annually
$30,000 per year for five years.


$30,000 annually would provide five former Youth in Care, who demonstrate financial need, with funding to cover the full cost of their tuition at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). These bursaries would be available to first to fourth years students enrolled at TRU who are former Youth in Care.


Potential students who want a post-secondary education, but grew up in the care system, have trouble overcoming their financial barriers. With support from the Former Youth in Care Bursaries we can help these students achieve success in higher education. Financial assistance is critical in ensuring that former Youth in Care have access to post-secondary education and the career and life options that it affords. Ongoing support would open the doors of opportunity, including better employment options and increased self-sufficiency.

Students look to financial award opportunities not only as a means of financial support, but as recognition and the inspiration to help propel them to achieve excellence and go on to complete their education dreams. Such well-deserved awards open the door to countless opportunities for growth and inspire students to continue on their path to success. A bursary for former Youth in Care at TRU will help us:

  • Attract and retain former Youth in Care to programs at TRU
  • Help to provide well trained employees into the workforce
  • Contribute toward community growth, development and opportunities
  • Strengthen education and success among former Youth in Care