Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Faculty of Science Student Assistance

Honours Projects

Investment: $5k

Timeline: Spring 2014

Description: Undergrads in Bachelor of Science program are interested in final projects that would be challenging, for 1 year in duration. The Faculty of Science is exploring partnership opportunities with industry to line up rewarding honours projects in 2014.

Science Graduate Research Scholarships (Endowed)

Investment: $250k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: TRU is committed to significantly increasing interdisciplinary research-based graduate studies at the University in the next decade. TRU’s graduate programs impart advanced knowledge, develop critical thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurship and global citizenship skills, connect students with industry, business and community, and engage students in pure and applied research, innovation transfer and knowledge translation. We are seeking community support of $1-2k per student, per year, to help our graduate students afford their studies.

Science Entrance Scholarships & Bursaries

Investment: $50-200k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: Today’s high school graduates have varied and plentiful post-secondary options to choose from. To help attract BC’s top science students to TRU, we are looking to grow our portfolio of student financial aid options across all faculties. We have identified the need for science entrance scholarships and bursaries to meet this need.

Science Retention Scholarships

Investment: TBD

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: Once a science student has chosen to study science at TRU, we want to ensure that they complete their degree with us. In order to retain top science students and help them transition from 1st to 2nd year and also 2nd to 3rd year, so they will stay at TRU for 4th year, we are seeking support to create science retention scholarships. Each could be $3k - $7,500 and focus on areas where we have a 4 th year option.

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