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Thompson Rivers University

Faculty of Science Capital Infrastructure

Nursing and Health Science Building

Investment: $16-40 million

Timeline: TBD

Description: A three storey (12,500 sq ft) building to house several critical research elements including, researcher offices (20), a 100-seat classroom, (6) 400 sq ft research labs, clinical space and a simulation laboratory focused on (but not limited to) health research problems (2500 sq ft), clinical space for research, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders (2500 sq ft.), and a centre for research into Computation, Optimization and Decision Science both in areas of industry and in the realm of public health (750 sq ft.), and lab and office space for Natural products research, (3250 sq ft) and Environmental Research (3500 sq ft).

Naming of a Classroom or Lab

Investment: $25k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: We are seeking donor support for naming rights to a Science classroom or lab.

Computer Animation Software License

Investment: $10k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: Keeping animation software licenses up-to-date is central to advanced Computing Science courses and research involving computer applications.

Fuel for Field Trips

Investment: $25k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: We require funds to help cover annual transportation costs of faculty-led field trips.

Vehicle for Field Trips

Investment: $50k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: We are seeking donor support to provide funds to help cover costs of a van for faculty-led field trips. Currently students & faculty travel 3-4 hours per week, using a vehicle shared across researchers.

Computing Science Mac Lab

Investment: $60k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: TRU’s Computing Science Department, along with faculty and students, are embarking on an exciting project - fundraising to create a designated Mac lab on campus. The Mac lab has been identified as a key priority for 2014 as its creation would support Mobile Application development and Web Design courses in Computing Science. The most essential needs are mobile devices (Apple & Android) and iPads.

TRU Wells Gray Wilderness Centre

Investment: $150k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: TRU’s Faculty of Science is working closely with the Wells Gray World Heritage Committee to help protect the area, home to an endangered species – Mountain Caribou. The areas surrounding the park are critical to wildlife, but constantly at risk from natural resource development. A well-planned wilderness interpretive centre will advance outdoor learning, promote responsible and sustainable visitation to the region and serve as a remote environmental field research post for TRU Faculty of Science students, from both Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses. The facility will be entirely devoted to education, and is designed to accommodate 20 people at a time, with kitchen, living room, bedrooms and handicapped-accessible bathrooms. Solar panels will help make it self-sufficient, while large, south-facing windows will help with the heating.

Animal Health Technology (AHT) Pet Trust

Investment: $50,000 (founder); $20k (patron); $10k (friend)

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: TRU’s AHT Pet Trust provides a meaningful way for pet owners to honour the memory of their pet, celebrate a milestone, or acknowledge a family member or veterinarian, who has made a difference in the life of their pet. Donations to TRU’s Pet Trust Fund will also help fund scholarships and bursaries for TRU AHT students, support world-class veterinary research, assist TRU’s AHT pet adoption initiatives and address urgent equipment needs.

TRU Chemistry Contest Sponsorship

Investment: $5k

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: The Contest is mailed out each May to over 100 participating high school teachers who then have their students complete the contest and return it to TRU for grading and prizes. The Contest also hosts an on-campus Laboratory Experience for approximately 60 local Chemistry 11 students in the Kamloops and Williams Lake regions who participate in an experiment they would not normally see at the high school level. The Contest increases the awareness of Chemistry in the lives of around 2,500 student participants and the hands-on lab experience never fails to spark immediate and tangible interests in Chemistry and Science. Sponsorship of the contest helps cover the costs associated with administration, including: printing posters and exams, couriering exams and prizes, purchasing prizes (shirts, pens, pencils, key-chains, license plates, textbooks & gift certificates, providing TRU Shirts for all participants of Lab experience and a hosted lunch for the on-campus Lab experience.

Laboratory Equipment

Investment: $184,860

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: Essential equipment and infrastructure upgrades across the Faculty of Science are needed, including:

High Performance NMR Compressor

Investment: $6,720

Description: Replacement required; supports $500k worth of equipment essential to teaching and research in organic chemistry. Current equipment is undersized.

Cabinetry and Curatorial Supplies (replacement and expansion)

Investment: $11,200

Description: Regular replacement of fossil specimens degraded through teaching, handling and upgrading of storage cabinets.

3D Printer

Investment: $30k

Description: For use in Architecture Engineering.

Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectroscope (replacement)

Investment: $95,200

Description: Current equipment central to teaching is >20 years old and has a high risk of age-related failure.

S260 Lab/Classroom Renovation (replacement)

Investment: $28k

Description: Conversion of 1980 teaching laboratory to a modern teaching space as (40) seat multimodal classroom.

Animal Health Technology Equipment

Investment: $63,500

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: Essential equipment to support TRU’s Animal Health Technology Program (AHT):


Investment: $6,500

Description: Portable blood gas analyzer.

Annual Supply of Dog & Cat Food/Litter

Investment: $50k

Description: Help is needed to feed and care for the animals in TRU’s care. A continuous supply of food and litter is required to help keep them fed and ensure that their housing is maintained to the highest standards of hygiene.

Animal Practice Models

Investment: $5k

Description: For training purposes, the AHT Program requires more animal practice models (3-4 more practice legs/1-2 jugular models plus replacement “skins”).


Investment: $500

Description: Good quality high resolution camera for microscope use.

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