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Faculty Of Arts Scholarships - Mid-Degree “Social Innovation” Scholarships

Faculty Of Arts Scholarships

Mid-Degree “Social Innovation” Scholarships

Investment: $500,000 endowment generating $20,000 per year

Inspiring Social Innovation

Recognizing dynamic young leaders with a keen sense of social responsibility, scholarships for top students in the humanities and/or social science programs within the Faculty of Arts, Bachelor of Arts undergraduate Scholarships will have a positive ripple effect in our communities. Many of our students are doing outstanding work while making an impact on our local and global communities. Scholarships will foster and reward this kind of social engagement. Helping to build the capacity and ensure students make the most of their education, scholarships will help realize student’s dreams of making a difference in our world. These awards will have a direct impact on our communities by producing leaders of the next generation.


These scholarships will provide valuable real world learning opportunities for Humanities and Social Sciences students. The intent is to recognize and support students who are dedicated to helping others through applied or field research, complete a socially impactful internship, collaborate on a special project for a non-profit organization, and/or disseminate their findings at world renowned conferences. Much needed support will foster students who undertake community projects related to their studies and show leadership for the well-being of our communities. Building a bridge for keen and well-rounded students intending to bring about social positive change, these young leaders are working to develop new initiatives and respond to the community. Your support will help to nurture the leadership of students preparing them with the tools to be ready to make a meaningful difference.


$20,000 – Four $5,000 or eight $2,500 Awards will directly support students:

  • To recognize and/or defray the costs of an experiential learning opportunity: field work, research, conference attendance, and/or internship at a non-profit organization
  • Demonstrating a GPA of 3.50 or higher

Inspiring Social Innovation - Examples of student impact

The TRU Faculty of Arts is dedicated to giving talented students, from every socio-economic background, access to an unparalleled education fostering innovation.

With your support, the Faculty of Arts would be well positioned to foster and recognize ambitious community minded students. Students making an impact in projects such as:

“No Straight Lines” - a unique and innovative project impacting homelessness. Addressing one of the identified goals to end homelessness - one important goal is to provide access to training and life skills. A TRU Arts research team is currently working on collaboration between the Thompson Nicola Cariboo United Way, and Kamloops Homelessness Action Plan. “No Straight Lines” has grown to include more than 12 community agencies and organizations working with people at risk of homelessness.

To truly understand the route into homelessness and the shape it takes, one must ask those who are in the midst of it — and listen as they tell their stories.

And the theatre production called Home/Less/Ness by the No Straight Lines research project does just that.

Investing their time are two sociology students, one service learning/English student and two theatre students acting as technical director and stage manager.

This collaboration formed the basis for the community-based collective creation theatre project, developed and performed by homeless and at-risk individuals.

Sociology and Anthropology students have global impact:

A group of advanced TRU students participated in field research - a first step of a larger project in collaboration at several universities in the Philippines.

This project involves indigenous hunters and gatherers living on three islands within the Philippines. Local aboriginal people, known as Ati or 'Negritos' have been driven off their ancestral lands by the steady incursion of 'forces of progress' such as logging, farming and urban expansion. The aim of the project is to establish personal contact with them to assess how they adapt to the forces of progress.

Psychology Student making a difference locally:

This past year, TRU celebrated the Arts Medal winner, Christa - an Honours Psychology student with a strong background in research and community involvement. As a volunteer at a mental health rehabilitation centre, Christa helped clients reintegrate into the community. She has also worked in a cognitive behavioral therapy program for inmates and is training to be a mental health screener at the Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre. She is involved in a housing project with the John Howard Society; a non-profit organization that has a strong history in supporting societies and assisting individuals and families who have come into (or are at risk of) conflict with the law.

Although Christa received a small undergraduate research award for her work, she is an example of a student who is worthy of much wider recognition and support.


Formative opportunities for students occur with the connections of TRU faculty, our community and partners. Your support can help nurture students and provide the type of assistance they need to become leaders for innovation and change. Opening doors in this way ensures students make the most of their education, and contribute to keeping our communities vital and strong.

Thank you for considering this investment in education and social innovation - a pivotal and first of its kind scholarship for TRU Humanities and Social Science students. Your generosity will have immediate and lasting impact for our students and the lives of those they touch along the way.