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Elder in the House Program

Mentor in the House
The Details

Aboriginal Education

Investment: $1,000,000
Endowment generating $20,000 per year.


In the Elder in the House Program, Elders are available at the TRU Kamloops and Williams Lake Gathering Places, and provide personal consultation, conversation, guidance and mentorship to aboriginal students. An elder is an older aboriginal person who adopts the role of a surrogate grandmother or grandfather. Elders possess a wealth of knowledge and life experiences with specific expertise in aboriginal culture that they are eager to share with the younger generations. Elders hold a significant role in Aboriginal society, and through the use of storytelling, they pass on knowledge of history, language, and culture. Elders are respected and essential teachers, caregivers, and advisors in their communities.


This Elder in the House Program ensures TRU is able to recruit and retain Aboriginal students within all TRU programs and faculties through a commitment to supporting their development and educational growth with culturally relevant guidance, support and mature mentorship. Aboriginal students are able to develop their sense of belonging and experience a richer University experience.