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Trades & Technology Bursaries For Aboriginal Students

Aboriginal Trades & Technology
The Details

Aboriginal Education

Investment: $1,000,000
Endowment generating $20,000 per year.


Aboriginal students are one of the fastest growing segments in the Trades and Technology sector and TRU has a long established history of excellence in Trades and Technology training. To continue to attract and retain Aboriginal students at TRU, financial assistance is essential. Ongoing support would open the doors of opportunity to students in financial need who are looking to build a career within the Trades and Technology sector.


Students look to financial award opportunities not only as a means of financial support, but as recognition and the inspiration to help propel them to achieve excellence and go on to complete their education dreams. Such well-deserved awards open the door to countless opportunities for growth and inspire them to continue on their path to success. A bursary for Aboriginal students in Trades and Technology programs will:

  • Attract and retain First Nations students to our Trades and Technology programs
  • Help to meet the great demand for trained Trades and Technology workers throughout Canada
  • Contribute toward community growth, healing, development & strong families
  • Strengthen aboriginal education and success