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The Details

Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

Investment (Total): $3,900,000


Capital Needs (Investment: $400,000)

This inter- and multi-disciplinary initiative will require office space for coordination and meetings, and centres for research in various locales associated with mountain environments. Use of three spaces has been put forward for the Alliance: The TRU Education and Research Centre at Wells Gray (courtesy of the Science Faulty), an office and periodic access to the Tourism Lab (courtesy of the A.C.T. Faculty) and flexible office, teaching and meeting space (courtesy of Tourism Sun Peaks). However, expansion, renovation and modification requirements, as well as the procurement of other research spaces will require financial support. The scope and reach of this alliance necessitates locations throughout the region and beyond.

Student Research Fund (Investment: $500,000)

One of the many benefits of the Alliance is to provide opportunities for students to research in the field, with first-hand experience of mountain environments. At TRU, we believe in the undergraduate research experience and provide our students with opportunities to conduct research under the supervision of seasoned faculty members with years of experience. This fund would provide approximately $10,000 in financial support for research projects from eligible students contributing to the knowledge base of the Alliance for Mountain Environments and the industry as a whole.

Endowed Research Chair (Investment: $3,000,000)

Nine inaugural Co-Directors representing the partner TRU Faculties have agreed to undertake the Alliance for Mountain Environments research as part of the service and research components of their work as professors. To build on their work and to expand the scope of TRU and the Alliance for Mountain Environments, a permanent endowed research chair focusing on the objectives of the alliance is required. This position will be responsible for initiating important mountain environment research in line with the Alliance’s areas of focus. They will manage undergraduate and graduate research students and coordinate the other faculty members involved to produce and publish relevant research with international impact. The research Chair will create a collegial support network for all of the researchers.


Help change the conversation around the use, impact and opportunities of mountain environments across the globe. Led by the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism, the mission of The Alliance for Mountain Environments is to study mountain areas, their ecosystems, their cultures, and the leisure, tourism, and wellness activities associated with them. This initiative springs from The TRU Academic Plan’s theme “Sustainability: Environmental, Economic, Social, and Cultural,” with a specific emphasis on mountain environments. The research of the Alliance will contribute to the international knowledge base, putting TRU and the region on the map regarding mountain environments. Objectives of the Alliance include:

  1. To conduct interdisciplinary academic and applied research and teaching activities.
  2. To provide education and training on topics related to mountain areas.
  3. To conduct outreach activities that will engage people and broaden access to mountain areas.
  4. To promote understanding of the social, cultural, environmental, and economic impacts of human activity in mountain areas.
  5. To create financial sustainability through activities relevant to the group.

The Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism at TRU is the leading Faculty, of five, in the Alliance. It houses some of the best programs at TRU and draws students locally, regionally, provincially, nationally and even internationally. The Tourism Management program has the distinction of having the first tourism degree in British Columbia, and the longest running Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) in Western Canada. This is a forward thinking, innovative, and engaging degree that is constantly evolving in order to better serve both students’ needs and emerging industry challenges.

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