2020 Awards Ceremony

This fall 671 student received $900,591


Hear from TRU President and Vice-Chancellor, Brett Fairbairn, TRU Vice-President, University Relations, Brian Daly, TRU Foundation Board President, Brad Bennett, and Drew Rose our featured 2020 Student recipient.

Virtual Meeting

At 5:15 pm - click on the personalized link you received in your invitation. Each link is specific to your award.

If you have any troubles connecting, please call the TRU IT Service Desk: Local 250-852-6800 or Toll Free: 1-888-852-8533 (Toll-Free Canada and US)

Additional Information


Once the ‘meeting’ has started please introduce yourself, and the award(s) you are presenting. You can give some background on yourself, and / or the meaning behind the award.

If your recipient does not join, please email stewardship@tru.ca and we will work to connect you with your student at another time.


Please introduce yourself and indicate which award you received. This is a great opportunity to let your donors know what this award means to you, a little about yourself and any future goals.

If your donor does not join please email a thank you note/card to stewardship@tru.ca and we will forward to the donor on your behalf.

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