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Sponsorships and Agreements

TRU creates partnerships with industry on many levels—for philanthropy, research, even campus infrastructure.

Industrial leadership in our community supports key events for the institution such as the TRU Foundation Gala, and many other initiatives that raise funds for student awards. Our corporate partners invest directly in awards and research grants which support students and create new knowledge for the benefit of our communities. These partnerships have also helped TRU expand our learning and research spaces with some of the most beautiful buildings on campus.

We celebrate these partnerships and strive to be transparent in our agreements. Below is a sample of some of the agreements that structure our partnerships. Any agreement we have signed can be accessed by an email request to the foundation.

While some individuals on campus feel comfortable creating these relationships and working closely with industries, others are uncomfortable with partnerships between academia and industry. At TRU we must accept the challenging task of honouring both viewpoints, and not limit one group’s opportunities because of another’s point of view.

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