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Materials Order Form for Authorized TRU Representatives

If you are an authorized TRU representative, you can use this form to order supplies of any of the materials listed below. Please complete and submit the form below.

Many of the items listed below are also available for immediate download in our Document Download Center.

Please choose one of the following packages:

Please send (check one only):   Small   Medium   Large
TRU Viewbook       2   8 18
TRU Program Flyer       20   75 200
TRU Contract Training Flyer       2   5 10
Application Form       5   10 20
TRU Poster       2   3 5
International Portfolio       -   1 2
Open Learning Brochure       1   3 5
Kamloops Guide       1   2 5
Housing Brochure       1   2 3
Sun Peaks Resort Guide       1   2 3
USB (per Country Specific shipping rules)      1   1 1

If you do not wish to receive one of the complete packages described above, please enter your materials order request in the space below.

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Supplementary Package: Translated Inserts

TRU produces a special double-sided insert page of overview information in a variety of languages. The forms are available for download but you can also order a package of printed inserts by checking the box below and choosing a language.
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Please send me a package of 25 language inserts

Delivery Information

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Email address
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