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 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
Certified ICBC Air Brake CourseXDRV 0610Fri, Dec 4, 2015Fri 6:00pm-10:00pm,Sat/Sun 8:00am-5:00pm$175
 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
Electrical Code CourseXELC 0632Continuous IntakeOn-Line$670
Industrial Electrician Red Seal Exam PrepXELC 0790Continuous IntakeOn-Line$895
Construction Electrician Red Seal Exam PrepXELC 0850Continuous IntakeOn-Line$895
 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
Commercial Transport Red Seal Exam PrepXMEC 0490Continuous EntryOngoing$895
 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
Steamfitter/Pipefitter "Red-Seal" Exam Prep-Option 1XPLM 0480Continuous Intake$995
Steamfitter/Pipefitter "Red-Seal" Exam Prep-Option 2XPLM 0480Continuous Intake$2095
Steamfitter/Pipefitter "Red-Seal" Exam Prep-Option 3XPLM 0480Continuous Intake$2895
 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
Water Treatment WaterSafeXWTP 0200 OPENOngoing$147.00
Water SupplyXWTP 0010OPENOngoing$285.00
Ground & Surface SourcesXWTP 0020OPENOngoing$285.00
Water Supply ProtectionXWTP 0030OPENOngoing$285.00
Small Water System OperationsXWTP 0050OPENOngoing$285.00
Basic Principles of Sedimentation & FiltrationXWTP 0060OPENOngoing$285.00
Basics Principles of Disinfection & Water StorageXWTP 0070OPENOngoing$285.00
Applied Operation MathXWTP 0090OPENOngoing$285.00
Basic HydraulicsXWTP 0100OPENOngoing$285.00
Basic Water ChemistryXWTP 0110OPENOngoing$285.00
Pipes, Valves & FittingsXWTP 0130OPENOngoing$285.00
Basic Principles of PumpsXWTP 0140OPENOngoing$285.00
Cross Connection ControlXWTP 0150OPENOngoing$285.00
Environmental LegislationXWTP 0170OPENOngoing$285.00
Occupational Health & SafetyXWTP 0180OPENOngoing$285.00
CommunicationsXWTP 0190OPENOngoing$285.00
Electrical PrinciplesXWTP 0210OPENOngoing$285.00
Testing Electrical Circuits & Safe Work PracticesXWTP 0220OPENOngoing$285.00
Basics of Electrical Motors & Motor ControlXWTP 0230OPENOngoing$285.00
Instrumentation PrinciplesXWTP 0250OPENOngoing$285.00
Process MeasurementXWTP 0260OPENOngoing$285.00
Final Control ElementsXWTP 0270OPENOngoing$285.00
Moving WaterXWTP 0290OPENOngoing$285.00
Major Process EquipmentXWTP 0300OPENOngoing$285.00
Secondary Process EquipmentXWTP 0310OPENOngoing$285.00
CoagulationXWTP 0330OPENOngoing$285.00
pH Control & Water SofteningXWTP 0340OPENOngoing$285.00
Oxidatin ReactionsXWTP 0350OPENOngoing$285.00
Advanced Motor Control & Basic Digital TechniquesXWTP 0450OPENOngoing$285.00
Basic Electronic Devices & Speed DrivesXWTP 0460OPENOngoing$285.00
Basic of Programable Logic ControllersXWTP 0470OPENOngoing$285.00
Intro to Water ChemistryXWTP 0490OPENOngoing$285.00
Inorganic Species in WaterXWTP 0500OPENOngoing$285.00
Organic Species in WaterXWTP 0510OPENOngoing$285.00
Advanced Coagulation & Emerging TechnologiesXWTP 0530OPENOngoing$285.00
Dissolved Air Floatation & Jar Testing ProceduresXWTP 0540OPENOngoing$285.00
ClarifiersXWTP 0550 OPENOngoing$285.00
The History, Mechanisms & Classifications of FiltersXWTP 0570OPENOngoing$285.00
Slow & Rapid Sand FiltrationXWTP 0580OPENOngoing$285.00
Membrane & Alternative Filtration TechniquesXWTP 0590OPENOngoing$285.00
Basic Principles of DisinfectionXWTP 0610OPENOngoing$285.00
Standard Disinfection PracticesXWTP 0620OPENOngoing$285.00
Advanced Disinfectin & Flouridation PracticesXWTP 0630OPENOngoing$285.00
Intro to Microbiology & ToxicologyXWTP 0690OPENOngoing$285.00
MicrobiologyXWTP 0700OPENOngoing$285.00
ToxicologyXWTP 0710OPENOngoing$285.00
Computers in IndustryXWTP 0770OPENOngoing$285.00
Advanced Programmable Logic ControllersXWTP 0780OPENOngoing$285.00
Industrial Communications & SCADA SystemsXWTP 0790OPENOngoing$285.00
People ManagmentXWTP 0810OPENOngoing$285.00
Asset & operations MangementXWTP 082OPENOngoing$285.00
Financial ManagementXWTP 0830OPENOngoing$285.00
Applied Operation MathXWTP 0090 OPENOngoing$445
Basic Hydraulics XWTP 0100 OPENOngoing$445
Basic Water Chemistry XWTP011OPENOngoing$285.00
Pipes, Valves and Fittings XWTP 0130 OPENOngoing$285.00
Basic Principles of Pumps XWTP 0140 OPENOngoing$285.00
Occupational Health and Safety XWTP 0180 OPENOngoing$285.00
CommunicationsXWTP 0190 OPENOngoing$285.00
Electrical Principles XWTP 0210 OPENOngoing$285.00
Testing Electrical Circuits & Safe Electrical Work Practices XWTP 0220 OPENOngoing$285.00
Introduction to Microbiology and Toxicology XWTP 0690 OPENOngoing$285.00
Computers in Industry XWTP 0770 OPENOngoing$285.00
Small Wastewater Operation Systems XWTP 0900 OPENOngoing$285.00
 Course NameCourse #Start DateTimeFee
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