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Employer Evaluation of Co-op Student

To the Employer and Supervisor of Student

  • We encourage you to discuss your evaluation with the student before he/she leaves the work term. Our students welcome feedback on their job performance and see constructive criticism as part of the learning process.
  • TRU also welcomes feedback on our programs. There is space at the bottom of this form for your comment and suggestions.
  • * For a printable student evaluation form click here.

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About You
About the Student
1 - TRU Co-op Program:
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Natural Resource Science
Bachelor of Science: Biological Sciences
Bachelor of Science: Chemical Biology
Bachelor of Science: Chemistry/Environmental Chemistry
Bachelor of Science: Mathematics
Bachelor of Science: Physics
Bachelor of Science: Computing Science
Bachelor of Computing Science
Bachelor of Tourism Management
Computer Science Diploma
Engineering Transfer Program
Student Performance

Please complete the following evaluation by checking one of the following.

2 - Interest in Work:
High interest in job. Very enthusiastic.
More than average amount of interest and enthusiasm for job.
Satisfactory amount of interest and enthusiasm for job.
Interest spasmodic. Occasionally enthusiastic.
Little interest or enthusiasm for job.
3 - Initiative:
Self-starter. Looks for work to do. Asks for new jobs.
Acts voluntarily in most matters.
Acts voluntarily in routine matters.
Relies on others. Must be told frequently what to do.
Usually waits to be told what to do next.
4 - Organization/Planning:
Does an excellent job of planning and organizing work.
Usually organizes work well.
Does normal amount of planning and organizing.
More often than not, fails to organize and plan work effectively.
Consistently fails to organize and plan work effectively.
5 - Ability to Learn:
Exceptionally quick to learn.
Quick to learn.
Slow to learn.
Very slow to learn.
6 - Quality of Work:
Very thorough in performing work. Errors very few if any.
Usually thorough. Good work. Few errors.
Work usually passes review. Has normal amount of errors.
More than average amount of errors for a trainee.
Work usually done in careless manner. Often makes mistakes.
7 - Quantity of Work:
Highly productive.
More than expected.
Expected amount of productivity for a student.
Less than expected.
Very low.
8 - Judgement:
Exceptionally good. Decisions based on thorough analysis of problem.
Used good common sense. Usually makes good decisions.
Judgement usually good in routine decisions.
Judgement often unreliable.
Poor judgement. Jumps to conclusions without sufficient knowledge.
9 - Dependability:
Can always be depended upon in any situation.
Can usually be depended upon in most situations.
Can be depended upon in routine situations
Somewhat unreliable, needs above average checking.
10 - Interpersonal Skills:
Always works in harmony with others. An excellent team worker.
Congenial and helpful. Works well with associates.
Most relations with others are harmonious under normal circumstances.
Difficult to work with at times. Sometimes has difficulty with others.
Frequently quarrelsome and causes friction.
11 - Leadership Qualities:
Excellent, promotes enthusiasm, can direct others.
Above average. Has good leadership potential.
Adequate. Can take on leadership role if required.
Poor, unable to organize and motivate the work of others.
Not approachable.
12 - Response to Supervision:
Expresses appreciation and takes prompt action on suggestions by supervisor. Very open-minded and confident.
Willingly accepts suggestions and feedback by supervisor.
Accepts suggestions by supervisor in a satisfactory manner.
Reluctantly accepts suggestions and criticism by supervisor. Sometimes fails to recognize own limitations and need to ask for direction.
Resents suggestions and criticism by supervisor, needs close supervision, or has difficulty in acception change.
13 - Written Communication:
Always clear, well organized, concise, readable with few errors.
Normally very clear, well organized, and easily read.
Satisfactory, occasionally encounters difficulty in writing clearly and concisely.
Not clear to the extent that it causes confusion or interferes with the performance of work.
Unsatisfactory written skills.
14 - Listening Skills:
Excellent listening skills. Comprehends what is requested. Ensures there are no misunderstandings.
Listens effectively. If misunderstandings occur, usually asks for clarification.
Satisfactory listening skills.
Poorer than expected. Too many misunderstandings. Does not repeat or clarify instructions.
Unsatisfactory listening skills.
15 - Adaptation to Formal Organizations, Rules and Policies:
Excellent, adapted to and recognized formal organization structures, rules and policies.
Has above average understanding of how organization operates.
Adequate. Accepts own role within organization.
Poor, refused to recognize formal procedures and rules.
Even after direction from supervisor, refuses to follow rules.
16 - Use of Technology, Instruments, Tools and Information Systems:
Excellent knowledge and use of available technologies, tools etc.
Above average knowledge and use of tools etc.
Satisfactory knowledge and use of tools etc.
Less than expected.
Inadequate knowledge and use of tools etc.
17 - Troubleshooting / Problem Solving Skills:
Excellent, shows clear train of thought and logical steps followed.
Usually shows a clear thought process, and is able to solve problems.
Satisfactory troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
Slow to determine source of problem and to determine viable solutions.
Inadequate problem solving skills.
18 - Attendance:
19 - Punctuality:
20 - Grooming:
21 - Areas of Strength: 1.
22 - Areas for Improvement: 1.
23 - Overall Performance:
24 - This evaluation has been discussed with the student:
25 - Do you wish to have this student return next workterm if employment is available:
26 - Comments on the student's overall performance:
27 - Student's comments:
28 - Employer's comments on TRU Program (curriculum, pre-employment prep, co-op services, etc.):