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Travel Form Tips

1. Prior to making travel arrangements, acquire approval for the trip from the appropriate signing authority.  For international travel, prior approval MUST be obtained by the appropriate signing authority. A copy of a signed International Travel Pre-Authorization Request Form MUST be submitted to Finance.

2. Employees are required to be familiar with TRU travel policies before making travel arrangments.

3. Advances will only be issued if the goods or services cannot be paid by PCard, or if extensive travelling is anticipated. All advances must be reconciled within 10 working daysof returning from the trip by fowarding the completed Travel Expense Claim Form to Accounts Payable.

4. Travel cancellation insurance is not reimburseable — travellers are to decline the trip cancellation insurance.

5. Ensure that all amounts are in Canadian dollars on the Travel Expense Form.

For international travel, please use exchange rate posted on the Bank of Canada website for the time period that the trip took place (attach a printout) or submit a copy of the credit card statement which includes the expenses. Alternatively, you can provide a receipt from the banking institution where the foreign currency was purchased.

Per diem meal allowance for international travel are reimbursed based on the current posted rate on the Travel Expense Form. The form is updated quarterly. The reimbursement will be issued in Canadian Funds.

6. Per diem meal allowance is not allowed for meals that are included in a conference or registration fee, or provided by hotel/air carrier.

7. Receipts need to support who was paid, what was paid for, and that payment was made. For example, an airline booking confirmation, a hotel detail folio, conference registration confirmation, itemized meal receipt or taxi receipt.

If the document indicates that payment is to be made later, then proof of payment is required. For example, an online hotel booking or car rental booking is not sufficient. An invoice showing no balance owing, payment receipt or credit card bill line are required.

If you are missing a receipt, ensure that you include a Lost Receipt Form or the amount will not be reimbursed.

8. If a per-kilometer reimbursement is being claimed, ensure that you have attached a mileage log or mileage calculator (i.e. Google Maps, MapQuest printouts) or claim TRU's flat rate where applicable.

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