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How to Claim Travel Expenses


Complete Trip Cost Reporting

The new Travel Expense Forms are designed to record all costs associated with a trip.  Accounts Payable requires that the Expenses column be fully completed.  Your department may request that you complete the PCard and Total Trip columns as well.

We highly recommend completing all columns to provide an accurate record of a trip's total cost.

A properly completed Travel Expense Form must be clearly detailed.  Claims for "miscellaneous" or "sundry" will be delayed and the traveller will be contacted for clarification.  Each claim must state the purpose of the travel and itemize all expenses relating to the trip.  Except for per diems, each expense must be supported by an original, dated receipt with proof of payment.  By signing the Travel Expense Form, the traveler is certifying that the information contained on the form is accurate to the best of his/her knowledge.  The original signature of the claimant is required, as well as the approval signature(s) of the appropriate spending authority. When completed, normally within 10 days of return, the Travel Expense Form should be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Department of the Finance Division.

Travel Expense Forms


Original receipts (detailed hotel bills, meal receipts, flight itinerary, etc.) are required to support a claim.  Travel agency invoices, cancelled cheques, credit card statements or "paid" notices are not acceptable.  However, in the case of gasoline costs, a credit card voucher is acceptable.  For type of receipt, please see specific headings (i.e. accommodation).  Receipts need to indicate the amount paid or separate proof of payment needs to be submitted as well.

No receipts are required for per diem amounts.

As per policy number ADM 1-5, no TRU funds are to be used to purchase alcohol without the approval of the Executive.

Lost Receipt:

Link to Lost Receipt Form

If a receipt cannot be obtained, the traveller should submit the Lost Receipt Form or submit the following signed memorandum with their Travel Expense Form to the Accounts Payable Department:

"Re:  Original Receipts

I certify that _______ (describe missing tickets, hotel bills, etc. in detail)____ have been lost or misplaced.  These expenses were incurred by me on _____ (date)____ and are billable to the account number indicated on my Travel Expense Form.  I certify that no alcohol was purchased with this transaction.

I have not and will not claim reimbursement for these expenses from any other source.

Signature of traveller:  __________."

Refund to TRU:

In the event that your actual expenses are less than the advance you received, please attach a cheque made payable to TRU to your Travel Expense Form. Please do not send cash via the interdepartmental mail system. Cash should be brought personally to a Finance cashier.

Timing of Payment - Travel Advances or Expenses

Direct deposit payments (employees only) are submitted weekly on Tuesday for payment on Friday.  However, it can take2-3 weeks to process a travel advance or travel expense reimbursement from the time it is received in Finance.

If you require a travel advance, please submit your request at least 6 weeks prior to departure.  Advance payments will be produced approximately two weeks prior to your departure.  Emergency travel requiring "rush" advances should be brought to the Manager, Accounting - Disbursements with a proper explanation and will be processed as soon as possible.  Not all rush requests may be approved.

All requisitions should be properly supported, coded and approved.  Missing supporting documents, coding or approvals will delay the processing of the payment request.

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