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Obtaining a Travel Advance

In order to avoid delays in processing, please ensure that your advance request is properly coded and approved prior to sending it to the Finance Division.

Travel Advance

TRU provides advance funds to enable travel for professional development, research, and a variety of other anticipated  expenses a week to 10 days prior to the date of departure.  Advances will only be given to employees if the funds are required for goods or services that cannot be paid by TRU PCard, or extensive travelling is anticipated.  Only advances for more that $200 will be processed.  A Travel Advance Form must be completed and approved by the appropriate authorized individual(s) PRIOR to departure.  Please note that ONLY TRU EMPLOYEES' travel expenses should be advanced using this form.

If you wish to be reimbursed for conference registration or airfare, or other costs already inurred, please complete a Travel Expense Form.

We require that employees make their own reservations (utilizing Corporate Traveller for travel outside of Canada), registrations and prepayment, and then apply for reimbursement. The employee is responsible for his/her own expenses so that, in the event of a cancellation or change of plan, the employee will make the proper arrangements to receive the refunds. Due to the size of our organization and internal control requirements, we are unable to make payments directly to a travel agent (other than Corporate Traveller), hotel, etc. Please do not arrange for billing of expenses direct to TRU, as TRU will not be responsible for direct billings from travel agencies. Purchase Orders will not be issued for any travel expenditures, i.e. conference fees, hotel, airfare, etc.

TRU has partnered with a corporate travel agent - Corporate Traveller.  Travelers are encouraged to utilize their services for travel bookings and to use your TRU PCard for payment or contact Purchasing to utilize their PCard for payment.

All travel outside of Canada MUST be booked via Corporate Traveller.

Corporate Travellers Contact Information:

Travel expenses and meal allowances will not normally be paid for local travel in and around the city where you are an employee of TRU.

If you are providing travel money to someone who is not an employee, a Personal Service Agreement, cheque requisition, or honoraria form should be used.  Contact the Accounts Payable department to determine the correct payment method.

If you feel arrangements other than those shown above are required, please discuss the details with your Chairperson and Dean/Director.

Please check with Accounts Payable prior to your departure if you have not received your advance.

All receipts must be retained and submitted along with a completed authorized Travel Expense Form within 10 days of your return. Advances that are not accounted for will be deducted from payroll after 30 days.  Claims for less than the allowable amount are permitted.

In the event that your actual expenses are less than the advance you received, please attach a cheque made payable to TRU to your Travel Expense Form.  Please do not send cash via the interdepartmental mail system.  Cash should be brought personally to a Finance Cashier.

Timing of Payments - Travel Advances or Expenses

Direct deposit payments (employees only) are submitted weekly on Tuesday for payment on Friday.  However, it can take 2-3 weeks to process a travel advance or travel reimbursement from the time it is received in Finance.

If you require a travel advance, please submit your request at least 6 weeks prior to departure.  Advance payments will be produced approximately two weeks prior to your departure.  Emergency travel requiring "rush" advances should be brought to the Manager, Accounting - Disbursements with a proper explanation and will be processed as soon as possible.  Not all rush requests may be approved.

All requisitions should be properly supported with receipts, coded and approved.  Missing supporting documents, coding or approvals will delay the processing of the travel request.


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