Invoicing (Accounts Receivable)

TRU has a centralized invoicing system maintained by the Treasury Department. This system allows credit approval, control over the receipt of funds, a current record of accounts receivable, and effective cash management and collection procedures.

All requests for billings should be done using the Request for Invoicing form and submitted to The following information must be included on each request for invoicing:

  • Name and complete address including postal code of the business/individual to be invoiced.
  • Amount to be billed.
  • Account code(s) to be credited.
  • Detailed rationale for the invoice.
  • Any attachments to be included with the invoice.

No invoices are to be issued on behalf of TRU, except through the Finance Division. This prevents double billing and ensures that the income is directed to the correct area. Cheques received without an official invoice as reference are credited to Other Revenue.

A cheque drawn on a US bank is payable in US funds and should be deposited to the US bank account. Cheques drawn on Canadian banks are generally payable in Canadian dollars and should be deposited to the Canadian bank account.

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