Use of Research Grants

The ongoing disbursement of funds falls within the guidelines of TRU and the granting agency for the duration of the research grant. These guidelines include the proper authorization for all expenditures, including travel and capital.

An overview of the following can be found on the CIHR web site under Grants and Awards Guides at Payments of Grants

  • Payment of Funds from the Common Grant Account
  • Over expenditures

An overview of the following can be found on the NSERC web site under Use of Grant Funds at

  • General Principles
  • Compensation-Related Expenses
  • Travel and Subsistence Costs
  • Sabbatical and Leave Periods
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Computer and Electronic Communications
  • Dissemination of Research Results
  • Services and Miscellaneous Expenses

An overview of the following can be found on the SSHRC web site under Using Your Funds at

  • Dates to Remember
  • Basic Terms and Conditions
  • After the Grant is Completed
  • Related SSHRC Policies

Accessing the Funds

The Accounting Analyst will send a coded budgetary authorization form to the grant holder for completion, to enable access to the funds. The grant holder's supervisor (chair or dean), will complete the grant holder's signatory levels (usually the same spending authority as a TRU chairperson), sign the form, and return it to the Budget Analyst. The Accounting Manager will provide the grant holder access to the general ledger account code assigned to the research grant.

Grant holders will also be given access to the FAST reporting system, which allows secure, real-time reporting in a user-friendly web-based environment. Training sessions are regularly scheduled through the Finance Division for users to become acquainted with our financial services, and have an orientation to the electronic inquiry capabilities of the FAST product. This will enable you to discuss specific financial concerns, and assist you in reading and interpreting financial reports.

Indirect Costs

Where warranted and applicable, TRU charges a minimal amount for indirect costs to research grants or contracts, but reserves the right to review this policy if it is deemed necessary. The Canadian Federal Government has a mandate to increase funding of research activity in Canada and is now recognizing the need for supporting overhead costs.

Reporting Requirements for Granting Agency

Reporting requirements are the responsibility of the Accounting Analyst, and will be made in accordance with the terms of the grant. Any other reports are your responsibility. Be sure to review your financial responsibilities as described by the granting agency.

See Financial Reporting for information on the CIHR web site under Grants and Awards Guides at

See Responsibilities and Accountability on the NSERC web site at

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Deviation from Proposed Activities and/or Budget
  • Financial Monitoring of Accounts
  • Non-Compliance
  • Acknowledgement
  • Intellectual Property / Patents
  • Archiving of Research Data

See Financial Administration for information on the SSHRC web site under Using Your Funds at


Should overspending occur, the Accounting Analyst would freeze accounts and ensure that no additional spending is done, through an email to the Purchasing Department, Accounts Payable, and the Accounting Manager. The Accounting Analyst will also work with the grant holder and Dean of his/her Division to see where additional dollars can be found to offset the deficit.

Grant Expiration

Should the research not be completed at the time the grant expires, the grant holder may be able to request an extension from the research agency. The Accounting Analyst reviews grants on a regular basis and will be aware of the approaching deadline.

For information on CIHR policy visit website under Extension Period for Use of Funds Beyond Award Period at

Information on the following can be found on the NSERC web site under Administrative Matters at

  • Collections or Specimens
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Transferring Grant(s) to an Eligible Canadian Institution
  • Moving Equipment, Material or an Unexpended Equipment Grant
  • Termination Procedures
  • Deferral of Instalment Payments of an Ongoing Grant
  • Parental, Medical, or Care and Nurturing Leave
  • Sabbatical and Other Leaves
  • Residual Balance in Agency Accounts

For information on SSHR policy visit web site under After the Grant is Complete at

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