Purchasing Capital Equipment

To make a capital purchase, i.e. computer, desk, etc., complete a Purchase Requisition form with a full description of your order; submit to the appropriate chairperson, dean, or director for signature, and forward to the Purchasing Department. Purchasing will forward or fax a copy of the purchase requisition to Finance, where the Budget Analyst will check that the capital acquisition was within the original budget plan and there are sufficient funds in the research grant account to cover the purchase. Once confirmed, the Director of Finance will sign off on the purchase requisition and return it to Purchasing, at which time the order will be placed.

Equipment, goods and supplies purchased by Thompson Rivers University for any purpose, from University funds, which includes research grants or other trust funds administered by TRU, including ancillary units, shall remain the property of the University. Exceptions may exist under the terms of the research grant where property may revert to the granting agency, or be sold and the funds from the sale revert to the granting agency.

For further information, see:

Ownership of Items Purchased or Collected with Agency Funds on the NSERC website under Administrative Matters at http://www.nserc.ca/professors_e.asp?nav=profnav&lbi=toc_fin

Equipment and supplies on SSHRC website under Financial Administration

Request for Goods Through Purchasing Department

The individual requesting the goods should:

  • type of goods or services required
  • quality
  • quantity
  • date required
  • possible suppliers (if known)
  • estimated prices (if known)
Appropriate chairperson or administrator:
  • Clearly identify a maximum cost for procurement of goods
  • Accurately code and authorize the expenditure
  • Forward the top copy of the requisition to Purchasing


Central Stores should receive all goods. When received, the quantity is verified, the goods are inspected for damage, and the packing slip is referenced to a purchase order. The packing slip is then authorized and forwarded to Accounts Payable. Stores personnel will deliver the goods to the grant holder.

Petty Cash Purchases

For miscellaneous purchases of $100.00 or less, employees may use the petty cash process for reimbursement. Petty Cash slips can be found here.

Petty cash funds may be used only for payment of minor expenses for which it would not be practicable to issue cheques. The purchase of materials and services that do not exceed $100.00 per transaction, per day, may be made from the petty cash fund. These funds cannot be used for the payment of salaries, wages, to cash cheques or to grant loans. This process is much more timely and more cost efficient than using a cheque requisition. At the time of purchase, please ensure that you obtain an original receipt, either in the form of an invoice or cash register receipt. An original receipt must support every petty cash request. Please provide an explanation of the purchase on this document. Reimbursement can be received at the cashiers' counter upon presentation of a properly completed, approved, coded and receipted form.

Petty cash is not to be used to reimburse travel expenses.

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