Research Grants

Finance-related needs of research grant holders are met through the variety of mechanisms, some of which are described here. Financial inquiry can be made through FAST reporting tool which is available through internet on and off site. It enables researchers effective monitoring of research revenues, expenditures, and research fund balances.

If your situation have unique needs related to financial services that are not facilitated by FAST, one of our Financial Reporting staff will be able to assist you. If you need to talk to us, please call Mae Romero (250)371-5606.

Applying for Research Grants

Administration of Grant

Use of Grant Funds

Accessing the Funds; Indirect Costs; Reporting Requirements; Over-Expenditures; Grant Expiration

Hiring Research Assistants

Employee or Independent Contractor; Contracted Service; Professional Service Agreements; Completing the PSA Form; Part-Time Faculty - PTIC; Honoraria


Purchasing Capital Equipment; Request for Goods Through Purchasing Department; Receiving; Petty Cash Purchases


Per Diem Rate; Accommodation; Mileage and Distance Charts; Airfare; Other Expenses; Car Rental; Telephone Charges; Travel Outside of Canada; Refund Owing to TRU; Timing of Cheques for Travel Advances or Expenses

Canadian Granting Agencies

Listing of granting agencies

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