Administrative Staff

Administrative staff will receive a letter of appointment which will specify the terms of employment. These employees are not required to maintain records of the hours worked; they are salaried employees. However, Human Resources does require a monthly attendance sheet from each employee.  (Temporary administrative staff should submit their hours on an approved time sheet.)

All new staff should ensure that they have completed all the appropriate documentation for employment and benefits in Human Resources. Your pay cheque cannot be processed until the necessary documentation is in place. Deductions for elective benefits, except MSP, start the month following commencement of employment.

The deadline for any changes to the status of an administrative staff member is on Monday of the week prior to payday.

Pay day is the last working Thursday of each month, by electronic deposit directly to employee's bank account.

Sick relief costs are the responsibility of the institution; please code replacement staff Personnel Recruitment Requests (PRRs) to 31118.

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