Petty Cash Requisitions

For miscellaneous purchases of $150.00 or less, employees may use the petty cash process for reimbursement.

  1. Petty cash funds may be used only for payment of minor expenses for which it would not be practicable to issue cheques. The purchase of materials and services which do not exceed $150.00 per transaction may be made from the petty cash fund. These funds cannot be used for the payment of salaries, wages, to cash cheques or to grant loans. This process is much more timely and more cost efficient than using a cheque requisition.
  2. Petty cash funds must be kept under lock and key in an appropriate cash box under the control of one person only. Each fund is subject to audit at any time and must always contain the correct balance in cash and/or vouchers and receipts.
  3. Income derived from any source must be handed into the Cashier's Office and recorded as revenue. It cannot be used to replenish the petty cash fund.
  4. At the time of purchase, please ensure that you obtain an original receipt, either in the form of an invoice or cash register receipt. Every disbursement must be supported by an original receipt. Please provide an explanation of the purchase on this document.
  5. Petty cash requisition form

PLEASE NOTE: One petty cash transaction per day, not to exceed $150.00.

  • Complete date, department, name of person to be reimbursed/paid, and amount to be reimbursed, including PST and GST.
  • Per Budgetary Authorization Forms, approval is normally required at a Chairperson level. Please check with your Chairperson to determine if there are any other authorized employees in your department.
  • Your Chairperson will be able to provide the correct account code when he/she authorizes the purchase.
  • Attach original itemized receipt to form.
  • Travel and entertainment expenses shall normally be claimed using a travel expense form. Where entertainment expenses are claimed, they must be supported by the inclusion of the name of the guest or group, and the purpose of the occasion. Any payment chargeable to a research grant or against the budget of another department, must be approved by an authorized individual of the grant and the department respectively.
  • Reimbursement can be received at the following cashiers' counters, upon presentation of a properly completed, approved, coded and receipted form: Kamloops - Old Main Building, Cashier; Williams Lake - Main Front Office or 100 Mile House. Each custodian is responsible for their petty cash fund.
  • When making purchases from the Bookstore, use an IDI form (Interdepartmental Invoice) to get a 25% saving.  When petty cash is used, the full price is paid.
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