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Sessional Contracts

Part-Time Faculty - PTIC

Part-time Instructional Contracts (PTICs) are used for part-time temporary positions. PTICs are initiated at the coordinator/chairperson level and are signed by the Dean, Director of Human Resources and the instructor. They specify hours to be worked and rate of pay.

Completed PTICs contain:

  • personal information, i.e. name, current permanent address, SIN
  • course information - name, location, start and completion dates, and total scheduled hours
  • instructional hourly or unit rates as established by the chairperson or program coordinator, and based on the instructor's qualifications and the established pay grid. See your supervisor for a copy of your pay grid.
  • the labour code where contract costs are charged
  • the minimum enrolment to establish the course
  • a statement regarding course cancellation if the minimum is not met.

Once the instructor and Dean have signed the PTIC, it is forwarded to the Human Resources office for approval. Copies are then distributed as noted on the bottom of the PTIC. PTICs and timesheets received after deadline dates will be processed the following pay period. If an employee on a PTIC is eligible for additional remuneration as a result of a statutory holiday, this will automatically be calculated and paid in the pay period the stat occurs.

Part-Time Instructional Contracts Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule

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