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Interdepartmental Invoices

Interdepartmental invoices are used to acquire and record the transfer of supplies and/or services provided by other TRU departments including Stores, Bookstore, Campus Activity Centre, Facilities, Food Services, etc.

After you have determined what supplies/services you require, complete an IDI and forward it to the supplying department.

Print Shop Service Requisitions are specialized IDIs. Please ensure that the area labelled DEPARTMENT is completed with the correct code and signature.

Completion of an IDI - requisitioning department

  1. Complete the top portion of the form: current date, name of person requiring goods/services, requisitioning department, supplying department and date required by.
  2. Describe the quantity and the goods or services required.
  3. Forward the invoice to your Chairperson/ administrator for coding and approval.
  4. The Chairperson/administrator will then forward all three copies of the IDI to the supplying department.

Supplying department

  1. Price the unit value of the goods or services requested.
  2. Complete the total column by multiplying the quantity by the unit value.
  3. Add the sum of the total column and enter in the "total" slot.
  4. Forward to Finance for processing.
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