Financial Services Frequently Asked Questions

Staff FAQs

Where can I find the payroll cut-off date listing?

Click on the link for payroll Payroll Information

When can I expect my travel reimbursement?

Direct deposit payments reimbursements are issued within 3 weeks of receiving completed forms in Financial Services.  The reimbursement payments are issued weekly by direct deposit, with a Friday payment date.

What are the per diem rates and travel mileage?

Travel mileage, per diem information and much more travel information is available online at Travel Handbook

When can I expect to receive my T4 and T4A?

T4s and T4As will be provided by February 28th.

When can I get a copy of my GL?

FAST (Financial Administration System Tool) delivers your financial information to your browser when you log in through myTRU.

The data can be viewed in several different views so please experiment to find the view that you prefer.  If you require assistance, please contact your Client Service Representative in Finance Contact Us

You can print directly from your browser but the recommended way of printing is to export your html (or browser) document into Excel.  From Excel you can format, print and manipulate the data any way you choose.  To export to Excel click on the 'Click Here to dowload to Excel for printing' option at the bottom of the screen.  This will download and import the file directly to Excel for you.

Vendor FAQs

When will I receive my cheque from TRU in payment of my invoice?

TRU's practice is to pay invoices within standard terms usually 30 days from invoice date, however, please allow 2-3 weeks for internal process.  Special terms, quick payment and other modified terms cannot be accommodated unless agreed upon with the Finance office in advance.

In order to track an invoice, it would be very helpful if you had your Purchase Order number handy when you inquire about payment.  If the PO number is not available, then a copy of your invoice would speed up the inquiry process.  You may contact our Accounts Payable Department by email at 

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