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Finance Department

Mailing Address
805 TRU Way
Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8


Accounts Receivable
250-371-5646 - press #4

Accounts Payable


T2202 Inquiries

General Inquiries

Fax Numbers
250-371-5601 (Accounts Payable)
250-371-5603 (Administration)
250-371-5625 (Payroll)


Yvette Laflamme
Associate Vice-President, Finance
Phone: 250-371-5691 

Kelly Hartt 
Director, Finance
Phone: 250-371-5602

Tanis Carmichael

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 250-371-5604


Financial Reporting

Research Office

Heather Downey
Associate Director, Financial Reporting
Phone: 250-371-5531

Nicole Merritt
Financial Liaison Analyst
Phone: 250-371-5625

Jenna Dhillon
Senior Financial Services Consultant
Phone:  250-371-5608

Umme Prantona
Finance Officer
Phone:  250-371-5881

Christine LeClair
Intermediate Accountant
Phone:  250-371-5635

Financial Planning and Budget

Katelin McNichol
Manager, Financial Planning & Budget
Phone: 250-371-5611

Katharine Currie
Senior Financial Services Consultant
Phone:  250-371-5395 

Aniljit Uppal

Financial Planning Consultant
Phone: 250-371-5634

Lynton Cooper
Financial Services Consultant
Phone: 250-371-5618

Emma Whitelaw
Budget Officer
Phone:  250-371-5621

Budget Officer
Phone:  250-371-5762

Riley Moe
Budget Officer
Phone:  250-371-5632

Transactional Accounting - Revenue

Carly Crosson
Associate Director, Revenue & Treasury
Phone: 250-371-5649

Jenny Nguyen
Lead Accountant, Revenue
Phone: 250-371-5613

Sean Duffee
Intermediate Accountant
Phone:  250-371-5609

Gladys Elliott
Intermediate Accountant
Phone:  250-371-5714

Sonali Lakhwara
Intermediate Accountant
Phone: 250-371-5636

Arlana Sale
Accountant I
Phone:  250-371-5779

Liza Donkor
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Phone: 250-371-5644

Eldho Elias
Accounting Clerk
Phone: 250-852-7140 

Diana Sedlar
Accounting Clerk
Phone:  250-371-5647

Angela Johnson
Accounting Clerk
Phone:  250-371-5645

Transactional Accounting - Disbursements

Rav Dhaliwal
Associate Director, Accounting & Projects
Phone: 250-377-6166

Kathy Senft
Accounts Payable Clerk, Alpha Split A-J 
Phone: 250-371-5631

Angie Douglas
Accounts Payable Clerk, Alpha Split K-So
Phone: 250-371-5607  

Terri Lim
Accounting Clerk, Alpha Split Sp-Z
Phone:  250-371-5630


Teri Froescul  
Manager, Payroll
Phone:  250-371-5617 

Navdeep Aulakh
Payroll Coordinator
Phone:  250-371-5622 

Esther Gerrits
Payroll Services Associate
Phone: 250-852-7231

Alda Fawcett
Payroll Services Associate
Phone: 250-371-5616

Connie Serhan
Payroll Services Associate
Phone:  250-371-5650

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