About FAST

The Finance Division's goals are to provide effective financial services, support a variety of business processes, and maintain an accurate and timely management information system. Providing you with access and training to understand this information will enable you to manage effectively, make sound decisions, and efficiently utilize institutional resources.

TRU has acquired the FAST reporting product, which allows secure, real-time reporting in a user-friendly web-based environment. The Finance Division will provide training sessions, usually during August and September, to acquaint you with our financial services, enable you to discuss specific financial concerns, provide access and an orientation to the electronic inquiry capabilities of our new FAST product, and assist you in reading or interpreting financial reports. With the implementation of new reporting product we think all Deans, Directors, and Chairs will find this particularly useful.

With your valuable assistance we have been able to improve our financial reporting system and we are always open to new ideas that will enable you to effectively manage your department costs.

If you would like to schedule a session for your staff, or would like us to provide a general orientation, please email the Client Services Department at financehelp@tru.ca.

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