Requesting Keys

Principles of key control and distribution

  1. The more keys in circulation, the greater the potential for lost/stolen keys.
  2. No key shall be issued to a person without a valid reason to hold that key. Keys enable the effective performance of routine duties. Keys for convenience or infrequent use does not justify the issuance of keys on a permanent basis.
  3. Keys reflect demonstrable needs and not necessarily the key holder’s rank in the organization.
  4. Keys may be issued on a permanent or temporary basis.
  5. All personnel seeking keys must complete a Key Requisition and obtain the approval of the Chair/Dean/Director. Keys will not be provided without an approved form.
  6. The Key Control Authority shall have final determination regarding the issuance of keys.

For more information, read our FAQ.

Lost or stolen keys?

1. Immediately contact Security ( ; 1-250-828-5033), 
2. Fill out the Lost Key Report and email it to

If you wish to replace a lost FOB or Access Card, there will be a $20 replacement fee.

Acquiring your new keys


Download the Key Requisition Form.

Download a key requisition form found on the site Key Requests on OneTRU.


Submit your form

Scan and email the requisition form to Please allow one or two work days for processing.


Pick up your keys

The Keys Desk will notify you when your keys are ready for pickup.

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