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Thoughtexchange is a widely-used, Canadian-made online platform that allows you to post easily and anonymously, while also seeing and rating how others are adding to the conversation.

The following six Thoughtexchange questions are based on themes identified through the Phase 1 small group discussions which we would like to explore further. All questions will be open for input from now until August 31. Please share your thoughts on any or all of them.

1. Hub of Innovation

You’ve told us that TRU should be a “hub of innovation”. We’d like to understand more about what that means from the diverse perspectives of all TRU stakeholders. What does being a “hub of innovation” mean to you, and why is it important for TRU?

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2. An Aging Population & Labour Market Challenges

By 2040, BC's dependency ratio (non-workers to workers) is projected to be 4 to 1. The BC population is aging (especially in the Interior) and is increasing demand on health and social services. How should TRU address the future needs of BC's population and the resulting labour market challenges?

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3. Collaborative & Innovative Research

We've heard that research is important for students and communities. How can we leverage TRU strengths in open education, international partnerships, interculturalization, community-based research, undergraduate research, and community programs to enhance our research capacity in the next 10 years?

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4. Leading Sustainability in the Future

You've said that TRU's leadership in sustainability is a source of pride and is important to our identity. Environmental scans indicate the many trends that will challenge institutions and greater society. How can TRU enhance leadership in all areas of sustainability as student and community needs change?

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5. Harnessing Technology for Student Success

How should TRU harness technological advances to enhance our ability to support student success, taking into account future trends in student needs?

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6. Your Ideal TRU

We've heard from many Envision TRU participants, and we want to make sure we hear from YOU: describe your ideal TRU 10 years from now (in one sentence or less).

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