Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Human Service Diploma Courses

Please see the Calendar for the most current information including course prerequisites.

Required courses — Year 1

Fall semester (September to December)
  • ENGL 1100 Introduction to University Writing
  • HUMS 1540 Interpersonal Communications and Helping Relationships
  • HUMS 1560 Introduction to the Family in Human Service Practice
  • HUMS 1580 Introduction to Human Service Professional Practice
  • One Arts Elective
Winter semester (January to April)
  • CYCA 2000 Introductions to Professional Foundations of Child and Youth Care
  • CYCA 2500 Special Topic: Substance Use
  • HUMS 1600 Field Work Education
  • HUMS 1770 Introductions to First Nations and Human Service Practice
  • One Arts Elective

Required courses — Year 2

Fall semester (September to December)
  • Second academic English course, preferably:
    ENGL 2020 Writing and Critical Thinking: Research
  • HUMS 2060 An Introduction to Social Service Practice
  • HUMS 2220 Theoretical Foundations in Human Service Practice
  • HUMS 2530 Interpersonal Communication and Helping Relationship
  • HUMS 2600 Human Service Diploma Practicum
Winter semester (January to April)
  • HUMS 2120 Introduction to Social Welfare in Canada
  • HUMS 2500 Special Topic: Child Youth Trauma
  • HUMS 3530 Guided Communications
  • HUMS 3570 Law and Social Services, or
    CYCA 2620 Self and Work with Groups
  • One Arts Elective