Bachelor of Social Work Courses

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TRU Social Work Degree

Third Year
Students in their third year of study normally take SOCW 3000, 3010, 3040, 3060, 3530, 3540, and Social Work or Arts electives chosen in consultation with the Program Coordinator. If students have not completed the human development requirement prior to admission, they may choose to complete SOCW 3550 in year 3.

Summer Semester
The course offerings for BSW summer session vary from year to year. Please ensure you check with the Program Coordinator for current summer offerings.

Fourth Year
Students in their fourth year typically will take SOCW 4020, 4540 and 18 credits of SOCW electives chosen in consultation with the Coordinator of the program.

  • Social Work Core Courses
    Course Title
    SOCW 2060 Intro to Social Work Practice (formerly 200A)
    SOCW 2120 Intro to Social Welfare in Canada (formerly 200B)
    SOCW 3000 Canadian Social Policy
    SOCW 3010 Introduction to Social Work Research
    SOCW 3040 Social Work Field Practice
    SOCW 3060 Theory and Ideology of Social Work
    SOCW 3530 Social Work Practice with Individuals
    SOCW 3540 An Introduction to First Nations Issues and Human Services
    SOCW 3550 Human Development
    SOCW 3590 Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations
    SOCW 4020 Social Work Field Practice
    SOCW 4540 Aboriginal Decolonizing Social Work Practice
  • Social Work Elective Courses
    Course Title
    SOCW 3300 International Field Studies
    SOCW 3570 Social Work, Law and Social Policy**
    SOCW 3760 Family and Child Welfare Practice **
    SOCW 4000 Policy in Human Services
    SOCW 4200 Family Violence and Social Work Practice
    SOCW 4300 Sexual Diversity and Gender Expression
    SOCW 4400 Social Work and Mental Health
    SOCW 4500 Leadership Practice in Social Service Organizations
    SOCW 4520 Educating for Social Change
    SOCW 4550 Social Work Practice with Communities
    SOCW 4600 Special Topics in Social Work
    SOCW 4610 Social Work With Groups
    SOCW 4650 Older People, Aging, and Society
    SOCW 4660 Addictions and Social Work Practice
    SOCW 4760 Family and Child Welfare Policy**
    SOCW 4770 Social Work Practice with Families
    SOCW 4780 Introduction to Disability Studies
    SOCW 4800 International Social Work
    SOCW 4900 Directed Studies
      ** Child Welfare Specialization Required Courses
  • Child Welfare Specialization Required Courses
    SOCW 3570 Law and Social Policy
    SOCW 3760 Child Welfare Practice
    SOCW 4760 Child Welfare Policy