Success Stories

Many students enter the program shortly after completing an undergraduate degree and others are looking for a new challenge in life. Here are some TRU TESL alumni testimonials in their own words.

Completing the TESL program has allowed me to work full-time while following my passion for traveling. After graduation, I worked at a language school in Poland for one year, and then taught ESL for one year in Japan. Working abroad as an ESL teacher has allowed me to visit new places and meet incredible people from around the world.

Kenna Sim (TESL Alumni, 2017)

In less than a year, I went from minimum wage jobs and living with my parents to working in Hong Kong, supporting myself financially and having a blast. My instructors showed me that I had options, and could find success and happiness almost anywhere in the world.
Katie Rollheiser (TESL Alumni, 2013)

I took the TESL program in 2008 and enrolling in the program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Completing the program helped me find meaningful employment in the Language and Culture programs at TRU. The countless memories and the relationships I have had through the various programs I have been involved in has enriched my life experiences. In addition, the TESL program assisted me in gaining entrance to the Professional Development Program at Simon Fraser University and in allowing me to work overseas in Japan. I firmly believe my TESL certificate will continue to aid me in the future.
Jag Sihota (TESL Alumni, 2008)

Teaching was never my goal in life, and teaching English was a thought as foreign to me as the idea of living in China. Today, I am teaching medical English and enjoying each day, continuing to learn, with great kids and colleagues. When I stop to consider how this happened, I am amazed and deeply thankful for the wise, kind, and eternally-patient teachers.
Kate Aleck (TESL Alumni, 2012)

I have taught students from almost a dozen countries who have come to Canada to expand their cultural education. The TESL program has given me a chance to truly embrace different cultures—something that very few people get the chance to experience. 
Myrissa Krenzler (TESL Alumni, 2009)

The program taught me valuable skills that I was able to use while teaching in South Korea. I learned how to organize my time, how to properly plan lessons, and how to speak in front of a large class. I gained the experience and confidence to push myself toward a career I never knew existed. I had one-on-one coaching, and all the teachers were willing to do what they could to help get me a job.
Madeline Turland (TESL Alumni, 2012)

This program not only helped me as a teacher, but I met some amazing friends during the semester. Living in South Korea has been an amazing experience, and I highly recommend the TESL program to anyone who wants to teach abroad.
Sarah Ellis (TESL Alumni, 2013)

Learning about TESL methodologies such as the Silent Way, Total Physical Response Method, and the Communicative Approach was eye-opening. The program gave me an opportunity to grow intercultural sensitivity, which is essential in multicultural and multilinguistic settings such as Canada.
Soon Young Jang (TESL Alumni 2010)