ESL Student Resources

ESL scholarships

Christie Cole Memorial Fund

An annual award of $1,000 to be awarded to a mature (female) single parent enrolled at TRU after an absence of a minimum three years away from educational studies. For further information, please go to Christie Cole Memorial Fund.

ESL Scholarship Award

The ESL department at Thompson Rivers University is proud to facilitate an ESL scholarship endowment award for international students.

The award was given for the first time in fall 2012 as an award of $1,000 to Yuhang Zhang. Other recipients have been Fen Zhou, Hisaaki Oguri, Yinan Liu, Hyung Dong Cho, Milagros Paz Gallegos, Chaiwit Hansuwannatee, Reona Tamaru, Irina Belova, and Thanh Tran.

Students are nominated by ESL teachers and must meet the following criteria:

  1. The student must have a minimum of three ESL courses in each of the semesters that they have attended or are attending at TRU.
  2. To be nominated the student must be taking at least one course in the ESL department in the semester they receive the award.
  3. The student must demonstrate a good work ethic in the classroom and possibly beyond the classroom by fulfilling such things as: doing all the work assigned in class, displaying good attendance, contributing to class discussions and group work and handing in quality work.
  4. The student cannot be a fully funded/sponsored student.
  5. The student must have an average of B+ in all completed ESL classes or a worthy candidate may be selected at the discretion of the committee.

This award would not have been possible without the support of the TRU and greater Kamloops community.

ESL services

Language Learning Centre

The Language Learning Centre in OM2517 is a large and welcoming drop-in space for students to get help from instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Volunteer Tutors. Students can receive help with any area of English language study such as: writing, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and pronunciation.

In addition to regular hours, special events and workshops are held regularly.  Each semester, students are provided up-to-date Language Learning Centre hours.

The Language Learning Centre is also available for students for printing and as a comfortable space for study.


Language / media lab

The ESL Language Lab in OM2517 is a large space used primarily for the instruction of listening, speaking, and pronunciation classes in the ESL department. Students may also use the Language Lab during Language Learning Centre hours (distributed to all students).

Language Lab includes 25 networked computers, a printer, an LCD projector, a VCR/DVD player and specialized software for language learning.

Language Labs

Media Labs

Campus-wide activities:

Throughout the year, ESL students are invited to participate in campus-wide activities such as TRU orientation, International Days, TRU Survivor, movie nights and the summer beach party. These activities provide a great opportunity for ESL students to enrich their campus experience by meeting domestic students.

For further information about events on campus, please see the campus event listings.