Research and Professional Development

The ECE faculty have many research interests and workshops available for presentation. We are also available to mentor educators (individually or in groups). For example, we have worked with teaching teams to explore the Image of the Child, guidance and behaviour, rearranging classroom set up. Please contact us about mentoring opportunities and to discuss how we can support your work with young children and families.

The ECE instructors from TRU observed our program and gave ideas on making the rooms more inviting. Your help was greatly appreciated. Thank you! - ECEs from a large full day centre in Kamloops

ECE Research
Cindy Piwowar
Lecturer/Practica Coordinator
Barb Mclean
Laura Doan
Assistant Professor/ECE Coordinator 
Connie Alger (on leave)
Senior Lecturer
Please note:
  • A certificate of participation will be given to each workshop participant. This certificate can be used as evidence of professional development for your ECE license renewal.
  • With advance notice, we are available to travel to your community (travel and accommodation costs will be billed to your organization) and can facilitate workshops during the day, evenings or weekends.
  • Workshop costs vary depending upon workshop length, supplies and location. Please call to discuss costs.
  • We can host workshops in our ECE classroom at TRU (Kamloops)
  • Depending on the workshop topic, there may be a minimum or maximum number of participants, please call to discuss details.

by Emily

Look at me... I'm learning everyday! Tips for parents

An easy read resource for parents, primary caregivers, family members and educators.

Look at me... I'm learning everyday! Tips for parents offers strategies to support children's social and emotional learning. The learning stories or pedagogical narrations highlight how adults can become involved in children's everyday experiences to promote social and emotional development related to attachment, communication, play and challenging behaviours. In this book you will read about activities that have happened in the lives of infant, toddler and preschool children, their families and educators. The stories may remind you of interactions you have had with your children.

Look at me... I'm learning everyday! Tips for parents book: $20.00

13 x 19 laminated posters of selected pages are also available.
The cost per poster is $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

To order books or posters please contact:
Cindy Piwowar,
Thompson Rivers University,
Kamloops BC V2C 0C8
250-371-5666 or

Look at me book

"Family" by Raine

Making children’s learning visible: Using Pedagogical Narrations
Contact: Cindy Piwowar, or Connie Alger
Children's Meaning Making: The Connection between Drawing and Print
Contact: Cindy Piwowar
Child Drawing
Creating Inviting Educational Spaces for Young Children
Contact: Cindy Piwowar
An example of an inviting space
Cooking is Learning - Food For Thought
Contact: Cindy Piwowar
Papermaking as a Language Art
Contact: Cindy Piwowar
Mentoring in Early Childhood Education
Contact: Laura Doan
Mentoring Logo
The Story of the Room: Educate, Communicate and Decorate
Contact: Cindy Piwowar
The Image of the Child: The Use of Art Media to Represent Ideas About One's Self
Contact: Cindy Piwowar