Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Alger, Connie Senior Lecturer
ECE Program Coordinator,
Churchley, John    Principal Lecturer, Chair


Doan, Laura Assistant Professor
ECE Practica Coordinator (Yr 1)
Handford, Tory Assistant Professor, MEd Coordinator 250-852-6353
Howe, Edward Assistant Professor 250-371-5526
Kelly, June DSTC and First Nation Language Program Coordinator 250-852-7663
Johnson, Shelly    Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Indigenizing higher education 250-828-5125
Lidster, Susan Limited Term Lecturer

McCormick, Rod Professor, Research Chair
(Aboriginal Child and Maternal Health)
McLean, Barbara   Limited Term Lecturer 1-250-371-5598
Nazemi, Mahtab       Assistant Professor    250-371-5736
Neufeld, Patricia Professor  250-852-7006
Patterson Naepi, Sereana 

Research Associate   

Piwowar, Cindy

ECE Practica Coordinator (Yr 2)

Ramirez, Gloria Associate Professor 250-371-5565
Rees, Carol Associate Professor, B.Ed. Coordinator 250-828-5004
Soberlak, Peter Lecturer, PE Coordinator 250-828-5281
Stevens, Nan Senior Lecturer, B.Ed. Practica Coordinator 250-852-7158

Sessional Teaching

Listed below are those currently providing sessional teaching in our department.

Atkinson, Teresa     BEd Sessional Lecturer
Balan, Rose Marie    BEd Faculty Mentor
Bigari, James    MEd Sessional Lecturer
Brett, Edda    BEd Faculty Mentor
Brett, Victor    BEd Faculty Mentor
Critchley, Elizabeth BEd Faculty Mentor
Dunn, Shannon    BEd Sessional Lecturer
Eadie, Nicolette    BEd Faculty Mentor
Gale, Nancy    ECE Sessional Lecturer
Garfield, Tanya       ECE Sessional Lecturer
Gurney, Pamela    MEd Sessional Lecturer
Hilderbrandt, Janet BEd Sessional Lecturer
Jang, Lance BEd Faculty Mentor
John, Leslie Bucky FNLG Sessional Lecturer
Johnson, Shirlee    BEd Faculty Mentor
Jules, Mona       FNLG Sessional Lecturer
Kozoris, Greg       PhEd Sessional Lecturer
Larson, Colleen    BEd Faculty Mentor
Letterlough, Roxane    FNST Sessional Lecturer
Little, Tatiana    PhEd Sessional Lecturer
Latremouille, Jodi    MEd Sessional Lecturer
Mason, Alanna    BEd Sessional Lecturer
McMahon, Ciarian PhEd Sessional Lecturer
Miller, Jack    BEd Faculty Mentor
Pearce, Greg    MEd Sessional Lecturer
Powrie, Steve    BEd Sessional Lecturer
Rollheiser, Kathy BEd Sessional Lecturer
Ruberg, Beverly    BEd Faculty Mentor
Sitka-Sage, Michael    BEd Sessional Lecturer
Sullivan, Terry     MEd Sessional Lecturer, Adjunct Faculty
Wintrup, Glen    ECE Sessional Lecturer