Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Services and Accommodations

Services and accommodations are tailored to students' individual needs based on their documentation and the functional impact of their disability. Services may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Transition planning
  • Assisted registration and admissions
  • Accommodated examinations (extra time, scribing, etc.)
  • Alternate format texts
  • Mobility and physical access solutions
  • Technical aids and adaptive equipment
  • Tutoring
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Instructor liaison
  • Referral to community resources
  • Application for funding

Transition Planning

Accessibility Service provision is a key element of transition planning for students with disabilities but is only one piece of a much larger transition process into the university environment. The transition to the post-secondary environment signals a significant shift in the student's academic life whereby the student becomes an equal partner in her/his education as a self-directed, independent learner.

For students with disabilities requiring additional arrangements and who are registered with TRU it is crucial that they contact Accessibility Services a minimum of twelve (12) weeks prior to the start of their semester or course(s). In addition to our receipt and verification of disability documentation, some services, such as interpreting, alternate format texts, and external funding, require sufficient lead time to arrange.

A student with a disability requiring additional arrangements and/or supports should contact Accessibility Services to begin the application review process.