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Bachelor of Technology, Technology Management


This program is no longer open for admission; it has been replaced with the Bachelor of Technology. Students who were admitted to this program prior to December 31st, 2014, may complete the program as indicated on their program plan. Students in this program who wish to switch to the new one can contact their program advisor.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Technology, Technology Management degree program provides technologists with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective project leaders, supervisors and managers in organizations within a changing business and technical environment.

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

A two-year diploma in technology or its equivalent.

Students with a standard two-year diploma of technology typically receive a block transfer of 60 lower-level credits.

Students who plan to complete a credential through TRU-OL must complete and submit a Program Admission form.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 15 TRU credits (distance or on-campus).

Degree Requirements

An additional 60 credits as approved by TRU-OL, including 45 upper-level credits, with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher are required, as follows:

General Educational Requirements

These may be met with lower-level or upper-level university courses.

3 credits in English (university-level composition and literature (ENGL 1001 or 1021))
3 credits in humanities
3 credits in economics
3 credits in science
3 credits in arts or science elective

Management Requirements (21 credits with minimum 12 upper-level credits)

9 credits of approved business, leadership or economics electives
3 credits in business development
9 credits of approved business and management electives

Advanced Technical Requirements (15 credits)

CMPT 4079 and 4129 are excluded from this requirement).
Transfer of advanced technical courses offered on campus by TRU and other recognized institutions may also be considered.

Applied Projects (9 credits)

Three credits in research methods (RSMT 3501, Introduction to Research Methods, BBUS 3481, Marketing Research (3)] or individually approved alternatives
A minimum of 6 credits in applied project management [e.g. normally, BBUS 4681, Leading Projects to Success (6)] or individually approved alternatives

Student Responsibility

Before registering in any course, consult with your Program Advisor to ensure that the courses you select are appropriate program of study and educational goals. Otherwise, you may find that a course does not meet program requirements and cannot be used toward the program's credential.


Email Student Services for more information.