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Information for Preceptors of the MLA NCP

This information is specifically for preceptors, not for students. Included is site selection criteria, the assessment tool, and preceptor training information and requirements.

TRU Open Learning commends all of our clinical site preceptors. You provide opportunities that make the experiences possible for our students!

Your willingness to mentor students is one of the highest forms of professionalism. As a clinical preceptor, you become a facilitator, educator, expert and role model as they prepare for their future role as MLAs. Our students benefit from your knowledge, expertise, confidence, dedication and leadership skills. Thank you!

  1. Preceptor Handbook
  2. Site Selection Criteria and Requirements
  3. Clinical Assessment Tool
  4. Introductory Activities for Practicum
  5. Preceptor Train-the-Trainer Requirements and Resource

If you are interested in precepting our MLA students and meet the stated criteria, contact

Unusual Occurrences

In the event of an incident or accident, immediately contact Complete and submit your own institutional and provincial incident report forms.

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