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Clinical Affiliation

To meet the CAS standards established for this program, the clinical affiliate must meet the following requirements before a student is allowed to enter the clinical practicum. A written submission must be supplied in the form of a sponsorship letter.


  1. Case Load
    The hospital must have sufficient depth and breadth of clinical cases, thus enabling the student to experience the majority of objectives listed in the clinical objectives.

  2. Clinical Mentor
    Ideally, an experienced Anesthesia Assistant and Anesthesiologist would be committed to teaching the student. Should the facility not have a Technologist, the Anesthesiologist would have to oversee the entire rotation. The clinical mentor(s) must have sufficient time available for teaching and evaluation of the student.

  3. Student Evaluation
    During the clinical practicum, the student must receive ongoing formative feedback that culminates in a summative evaluation.

  4. Learning Resources
    The student must have access to current texts, journals and reference materials relevant to the rotation.

  5. Length of Rotation
    The clinical practicum is 16 weeks in duration and should be completed consecutively. Any deviation from this policy must be discussed with TRU before the rotation starts.

  6. Course Registration
    The student must have paid and registered for the clinical course (ANES 4101) with TRU before starting the rotation. The student is responsible for any additional preceptor fee.

  7. Student Records
    The clinical affiliate will keep student records during the rotation and must keep these for a one-year period following completion of the practicum. Permanent records are maintained at TRU.

  8. Clinical Rotation Evaluation
    The clinical site will ensure that the student receives an exit interview for the purpose of giving feedback on his/her experience.

  9. Liability
    Registered TRU students are covered by the Universities blanket insurance policy. WCB coverage does not extend between provinces.

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