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Certificate in Management Studies

The Certificate in Management Studies is well suited for you if you have considerable work experience or a qualification in a technical field and want to develop your management and supervisory skills. You can earn this certificate by building on the 15-credit Certificate in Business Skills or by completing 30 credits of coursework.

What Can You Do With This Credential?

Karen Andrews fast-tracked her path to the Certificate in Management Studies by using transfer credit. She completed the program in only eight months. She also laddered her Certificate into the Diploma in Management Studies, which directly relates to her past managerial work experience.

“I was very pleased that OL accepted all the courses that I had completed…this encouraged me to continue.”
—Karen Andrews

This certificate can lead to the Diploma in Management Studies, which can ladder into the Bachelor of Commerce.

 Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

Open admission

A strong grounding in quantitative courses, including Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-calculus 11 or equivalent

A free, voluntary mathematics self-assessment is available to help you select a math course at the appropriate level.

Wehn applying to this program, please complete the Program Admission Form.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 6 TRU credits (distance or on-campus)

Certificate Requirements

30 credits, with a minimum GPA of 2.00 over all courses required to complete this credential, as follows:

Core Knowledge Requirements (12 credits)

Either MNGT 1221, Supervision (3) or MNGT 1211, Management Principles and Practices (3)
Either MATH 1091, Business Mathematics (3) or MATH 1101, Finite Mathematics (3)
Either CMNS 1811, Professional and Academic Composition (3) or CMNS 1291, Introduction to Professional Writing (3)
MIST 2611, Management Information Systems (3)

Elective Requirements (18 credits)

18 credits in management studies, including business, economics, mathematics or statistics courses: ACCT, BBUS, BLAW, BUSN, ECON, ENTR, FNCE, HRMN, IBUS, MATH, MIST, MKTG, MNGT, ORGB, SCMN, STAT

Up to 9 credits may be in approved arts and sciences electives or in technical or specialized-skills courses appropriate to your coursework, subject to approval.

Specialization Option (9 credits)

You are awarded this option if you complete one of the two following areas of specialization:

Accounting Fundamentals

ACCT 1211, Accounting 1 (3)
ACCT 1221, Accounting 2 (3)
ACCT 2251, Management Accounting (3)

If you choose ACCT 2211 instead of ACCT 1211and ACCT 1221, you are required to select an additional course.

Entrepreneurial Essentials

Etiher ACCT 1211, Accounting I (3) or ACCT 2211, Financial Accounting (3)
MKTG 2431, Marketing (3)
MNGT 1711, Introduction to Business (3)

Student Responsibility

Consult with your Program Advisor to ensure that the courses you select can be applied toward the program requirements of your chosen credential. Also, before you register in a course not listed on the OL website, apply for a letter of permission. Otherwise, you may find that either course credits cannot be applied to your program or you must pay a transcript reassessment fee.


Please see Tuition and Fees for estimated costs.

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