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Roslyn Cameron

Roslyn Cameron

Dr Ros Cameron is a Research Fellow in the field of HRM with the School of Management, Curtin Business School, Curtin University, WA, Australia. She is on the Editorial Boards of the Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods and the International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches. She is also Co-convenor of the Mixed Methods Research Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM)and a foundational Board Member of the of the Prior Learning International Research Consortium (PLIRC):

Ros has held an array of positions in the broad area of Human Resource Development and Management within Australia as well as overseas in the Middle East and the South Pacific. Ros is a qualified administrator of the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and have used this tool extensively with Leadership, Team Building and Communication courses in the workplace with middle to senior managers and within University programs.

Ros has been on four large workforce development research projects for the CRC for Rail Innovation: Skilled Migration; Attraction and Image; Skills Recognition Framework; Coaching and Mentoring and; Methodological Scan of the CRC for Rail Innovation 2007-2014.

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