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If I paid for a course extension, can I apply the course toward my full-time course load?

If a course has been extended, the original date of registration is considered the course start date. The date the extension started is not considered a course start date. Therefore, the original registration date of the course must match your student loan start date. Also, a course with a paid extension is considered "unsuccessful" (the same as an F grade) for student loan purposes because the course was not completed in the original timeframe.

Where can I find information on the website about TRU-OL tuition and course costs?

Information about tuition for courses delivered by TRU-OL and UVic is provided online. Total course fees (including course materials) can be found through Course Registration by searching the specific course, clicking on it and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

If I need financial aid, should I study full-time or part-time?

This primarily depends on whether you require financial aid for your housing, food and other basic living costs. Only funding for full-time students recognizes these costs. Where financial aid is needed only for course costs and sundry expenses, part-time aid is more attractive because you do not incur debt, and the pace of completion is more flexible.

Refer to Student Awards & Financial Support for more information.

What kind of financial assistance is available for TRU-OL students?

Loans, grants and bursaries are available to full-time students and part-time students. Full-time funding covers both course costs and living costs, while part-time funding covers only course costs, miscellaneous allowances and childcare where applicable.

Refer to Student Awards & Financial Support for more information.

How do I apply for financial aid?

You may apply online for full-time government assistance by completing the StudentAid BC online application for full-time students. A Part-Time Student Assistance Application, encompassing both government and institutional assistance, can be downloaded from Student Awards & Financial Support.

How many courses are required to qualify for full-time loans?

A 60% course load, or nine (9) credits (normally three courses) starting within the same four-month loan period is required to meet the minimum student loan requirements of a full-time course load.

How do I apply for a student loan with TRU-OL?

The easiest and fastest way to apply for a student loan is to complete the StudentAid BC application online. You may also complete and submit a paper application, available from Student Awards & Financial Support.

TRU-OL students receive the same consideration as other students applying for assistance. The primary difference is that while TRU-OL gives you 30 weeks (roughly seven months) to complete a standard 3-credit course, you must complete the coursework in 17 weeks (four months) to be considered full-time and qualify for student loans.

For student loan purposes, you may write final examinations in your last month of your period of study or the month following. For academic purposes, you may write your examinations after the four-month term but prior to the 30-week course end date.

How much financial aid can I receive for school costs and living costs?

For the school year, full-time students eligible for funding with StudentAid BC can receive up to $320 per week of study or $5,440 for a four-month term. Students with dependents can receive up to $510 per week of study or $8,670 per four-month term.

Eligible part-time students can receive funding with no fixed limit to cover all their educational costs (tuition, course fees and required textbooks), as well as an additional $170 per course for miscellaneous costs and funding for childcare if required.

Can I receive a refund if I cancel or withdraw from a course delivered by TRU-OL?
Tuition Fee Refunds

If you submit your request to cancel your registration by the cancellation deadline, you will receive a 100% refund of tuition fees.

Course administration, technology and other non-tuition course fees are non-refundable.

Please refer to the Returning Course Materials policy for further information.

What is the fee to repeat a TRU-OL course delivered by UVic?

To repeat a TRU-OL course delivered by UVic, you must pay the full fees, less the cost of current textbooks you still have. Contact TRU-OL Student Services for the exact fees.

What is the program plan fee?

If you are intending to complete a credential through TRU-OL, you are required to complete and submit the Program Admission form. The non-refundable program plan fee must be submitted along with this form. 

Contact Student Services for more information.

When do I receive a tax receipt?

Tax receipts (T2202A forms) for the previous calendar year will be available electronically on myTRU at the end of February.

Tuition fees for courses spanning one calendar year to the next are pro-rated to each applicable year.

If you have questions about tuition or education tax deductions, contact Canada Customs and Revenue Agency or refer to their website.

Are all students eligible to receive a T2202A?

Not all. T2202As are not issued in the following situations:

  • The student is enrolled in a university preparation or high school equivalency program and is therefore not studying at the post-secondary level.
  • The student has paid less than $100 in tuition and fees.
  • The student does not have a Canadian address and is not a permanent resident temporarily residing outside of Canada.
What if I don't remember my username and password for myTRU?

Go to myTRU and follow the Login Help instructions.

What if I don't have a myTRU account?

Almost all students automatically have a myTRU account created for them. If you believe you don't, please email for help. Please indicate in your email what program or type of course you took during the year.

Why is the amount on my T2202A different from the amount I paid?

Tuition fees for courses spanning one calendar year to the next are prorated to each applicable year. This situation is common for Open Learning courses or trades programs. For example, a course with an eight-month completion time starting in November is recorded 25% on the tax receipt for the year when the course started and 75% on the receipt for the following year.

In addition, any UNPAID amounts will not be included on the total you are eligible for. If you make a payment after receiving your tax form, please contact us if you need to have your form revised.

Why does my T2202A show the tuition and fees I paid but does not show the number of months I was enrolled?

This can happen if you were in a course that lasted less than three weeks, if the course is "non-transcriptable" (would not appear on a TRU transcript) or if your studies were not at the post-secondary level. If your contact hours are under 10 hours per week, your months will show as part-time.

How do I claim my textbook allowance?

For information on this and other tax regulations, please search the term "textbook allowance" on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

After reading all the information on this website, I still have a question or need my T2202A receipt printed. Whom should I contact?

Please send a message to Indicate in your email what program or type of course you took during the year.

How do I obtain a copy of my T2202A for a previous tax year?

For the 2010 tax year to current, T2202As are available on myTRU. For 2009 and previous years, you can submit a request for your forms to

Why is the address shown on my T2202a not correct?

The active address we have for you in our records at the time of preparation was used on your T2202a.  Given that a T2202a is only available through your mytru account they are not mailed out, TRU will not reproduce a T2202a for an address change.  If the address used is either incorrect, or missing, please go to your mytru account and update your information for future correspondence.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has contacted me because they need an explanation about my "undeclared" program. What do I need to do?

You can print off a T2202A Explanation Letter from myTRU to send to the CRA. You can find the letter by clicking on My Academic Record OL, T2202A Tax Form and T2202A Explanation Letter.

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